Sailing The Pacific Ocean


Don’t call me lucky. You make your own luck

You make your own luck One 12 hour flight. Two grueling 7 hour bus journeys. 3 countries and 2 continents later, here we are in the Andes! My face beams with excitement.   I write this with a bus window view that spans the...

Simple living is the hardest thing to do – Or is it?

Simple living in the mountains   Alone in a hand-built log cabin deep in the Canadian mountains, I’m sitting here pondering life.   It took a lot of effort to physically get here, and right now life is pretty sweet...

Why you shouldn’t quit your job to travel the world

Don’t quit your job to travel the world – Guest post by Nina Ziezman from   It’s become a cliche of the 21st century, hasn’t it? Quitting your job to travel the world. From your local...

Why women need the support of men in the outdoors

Aspiring to be a strong female ski guide – This article took a long time to write. First started in 2016 and finished in 2017. I was scared to publish it.   ‘Girl. You’ve got to be better, faster, stronger’ – that was...


Finding Flow in Sports: What the Yoga Sutras teach us

What the Yoga Sutras have to teach us about finding flow in any sport   The whole idea behind the practice of yoga is to remove excess thinking and start becoming. The Yoga Sutras, an ancient Hindu text, mentions only...






How athletes can improve their brain power with food

How athletes can improve their brain power with food – Contributing article   If you’re a hard-working athlete, it’s not uncommon to experience symptoms like mental fatigue, irritability, low mood or even poor memory...