Still Stoked was established in 2008 by snowboarder, surfer, and production maestro, Alexa Hohenberg. After making one of the first all-female snowboard movies Snow Balls, back in 2005, Alexa still wasn’t satisfied with the availability of female-focused stories in the media. Inherent to the belief that ‘it is hard to be what they can’t see’, and motivated by research and her own experience wanting to be a professional snowboarder but having limited access to stories of other women to motivate and inspire her, Alexa started Still Stoked. 

To tell the strong female-inspired stories we wished were available when we were younger.

I wanted to create a place to tell the stories that i wished were available when i was a kid. You know… the stories of strong women out there doing amazing things. Their adventures gone right and adventures gone wrong. Athletes i look up to, and advice from others that have created a life where the passion fuels what they do. These are the stories i have always wanted to read. When i was younger, they weren’t accessible to show me that i could do it too. I believe it is hard to be what you can’t see.”


– Alexa Hohenberg, founder of Still Stoked

With Still Stoked and all the stories, interviews, articles, musings, and discussions. We want you to know: YOU CAN DO IT TOO!


Melanie Williams

Melanie was born in Michigan, USA but now splits her time between two big wave Meccas: North Shore of Hawaii and Puerto Escondido in Mexico. Passionate about challenging herself in big waves, she brings a wealth of knowledge and insight to Still Stoked, as she embarks on her own journey of growth and progression in some of the world’s most challenging destinations.

Her journey is an inspiring one. She overcame an eating disorder that held her back both physically and mentally. All while carrying the BRCA1 gene, meaning she lives with a 80% risk of breast cancer and a 60% risk of ovarian cancer. She doesn’t let this or anything dampen her spirit or drive. Her writing is deeply personal and inspiring. Through her own experience she motivates others to find their purpose and chase what truely makes them happy. She holds certification as a Yoga teacher, nutritionist, personal trainer, and life guard. An all-round powerhouse and badass who knows her mission in life (her dharma) is to inspire other women. And that she does in spades!

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Alexa Hohenberg

Alexa was born in London, England and started snowboarding at aged 11 on a school trip, and knew instantly that is all she wanted to do. Snowboarding shaped her whole life and gave her the confidence to be her true, free, unique self. She gained sponsorship in her late teens, moved to Canada, and worked tirelessly to build the profile of women in the sport, creating one of the first women’s snowboard movies in 2005.
Aged 31 she put her prestigious advertising career on hold to chase a dream of being a big mountain ski guide and avalanche professional. Alexa is living proof that you can juggle what you love to do and a career. She splits her time between ski guiding, surfing, and consulting / contracting to big brands and agencies in her now home of Sydney Australia. Surfing is her new muse and 10 years in, it is all she wants to do. Although those mountains never do stop calling! Her writing coaches others to live a life with less fear, dream big and to find progression in the sports and lifestyle, you love. Still Stoked is her baby and like Melanie, she truly believes that inspiring other women is her dharma ♡. She also holds a Yoga teaching qualification.

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