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Current location: Niseko, Japan (Alexa) & North Shore Hawaii (Melanie)

Countries Visited: 34 / 17% of the planet

Countries lived in: 6


I’m Alexa Hohenberg, and welcome to Still Stoked.

I wanted to create a place to tell the stories that I wished were available when I was a kid. You know… the stories of strong women out there doing AMAZING things. Their adventures gone right and adventures gone wrong. Athletes I look up to, and advice from others that have created a life where the passion fuels what they do. These are the stories I have always wanted to read. When I was younger, they weren’t accessible to show me that I could do it too. I believe it is hard to be what you can’t see.


With Still Stoked, and all the stories, interviews and articles on here. I want you to know: YOU CAN DO IT TOO!


Surfer Alexa Hohenberg wearing Salt Gypsy surf leggings in Peru


You probably landed here because you love to travel, epic adventures and the lifestyle that comes with being curious, courageous and brave. You’re all about kicking goals in the outdoors. Well so am I, so you’re in the right place if you’re looking for inspiration to get out there and challenge yourself.


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I set up Still Stoked in 2009 when I was 26. It was the first time I had an oh-my-god I can’t have a permanent office job, ‘lack-of-happiness’ crisis. It was the middle of the GFC and budgets (and people) were being cut left-right-and-center. So I resigned from my job at a top London creative agency and moved to New Zealand on the other side of the world, to slow it all down (life that is). My parents were of course, thrilled!


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Girl looking out the window on a road trip through Colorado


Cue second life crisis aged 31, now living in Sydney where I move to take another awesome job at a top advertising agency. With an ever growing addiction to heli skiing and Alaska, 5 or so years later, I took a well-earned break from my well-established advertising career. I wanted to find out if I had what it takes to follow my dream to become a backcountry snowboard guide. I sold the majority of my possessions and left Australia to give it a go.


It took courage, conviction and a whole lot of lady-balls to leave the stability, and of course prestige of my life and career in Sydney. But giving up has never been my thing and I like to walk the walk and not just talk that talk. I’ve now got three winter seasons under my belt, working as a guide in Japan, taking clients cat skiing and splitboarding in the mountains.


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Snowboarder and blogger Alexa Hohenberg


I guess I’m a bit of a feminist seeing that I have built a whole website dedicated to inspiring women in the outdoors and challenging the status quo around things that I’m passionate about. The sexualisation of women in sport annoys the hell out of me and I like many other female athletes, campaign to drive equality in this space.


Sex Sells You Short – Social media & the pressure on female athletes

Dear sports marketing. Ditch the f**king models. We want athletes & real women


Snowboarding a big backcountry line in Alaska

Riding a big Alaska line “Scarsdel”.
Photo Grant Kaye


I’ve been a sponsored snowboarder since my early 20s, and a sub-par surfer since 2011. I even made one of the first women’s snowboard movies in 2005, called Snow Balls (see what I did there?). I wish I could surf like I do in my dreams…


My body has seen so many injuries. I’ve smashed it to the ground on adventures from Alaska to Argentina. But my lowest point came in 2013 when I crushed my ankle and then blew my other knee. I went through this dark loss-of-identity period, but a lot of positives came from it as I clued up on nutrition and injury prevention. I’m so much stronger both mentally and physically as a result of this challenging time. Go me!


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Surfer girls on surf trip


I like to think Still Stoked is a bit different from other travel or adventure websites (I hate the word blog).


It’s not all about me and my experiences. I use this space to tell other’s stories and invite you to contribute anything that you think would be a good fit. But if you want me to promote your gambling or hunting website then please, don’t contact me!


I want to hear from you if you’re stoked on life and want to share your story.


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Climbing up Mount Machu Picchu to see the view of the Manchu Picchu ruins below


So pull up a pew, get a cup of tea and make yourself comfortable.


Still Stoked is a place for you to browse, learn and get inspired for your next adventure and challenge. There are hundreds of stories on here some written by me, some telling the adventures of others. Some are so buried you’ll have to do some clicking around to find them! But I do have my favourites. Here are a few:


Surf Bikinis – The brands you need to know about

Sally Fitzgibbons – The fitness, workout and diet of a champion surfer

Kelly Slater Diet – Nutrition & sustainable living


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fear stops you living your dreams


I have been lucky enough to be featured in countless media publications including Huffington Post, Out There Colorado, The Guardian, Cooler Magazine, The Inertia, Women Want Adventure, Surfer Girl, Miss Snow It All and Mpora.


KOKOH surf bikini are great for surfer girls with a larger chest like Alexa Hohenberg


It’s pretty cool to have the opportunity to collaborate with a plethora of companies including tourism agencies, technology, health and adventure brands. From the dating app Happn, to Triton Surf safaris in the Maldives, Australian Avocados to Roxy, Suncream brands, Vail Resorts, Reef Shoes, Oakley and multiple tourism boards, hotels and resorts. These collaborations are bespoke and always really fun.


Check out examples of Still Stoked brand collaborations


Alexa Hohenberg of Still Stoked surf photography in The Maldives

Collaborating aboard The Triton Surf Safari in The Maldives.


If you wish to work with me, advertise on the Still Stoked or contribute as a writer please get in touch!


Great to meet you, Alexa x



Did you know that adventure travel can be good for your health? Ultimately if your trip involves various forms of exercise and time spent in the great outdoors, which not only ups your vitamin D levels and reduces the risk of obesity and heart disease but also reduces stress, you’re on the right track! Get more health and wellness tips for your adventure travels and enjoy a healthy, fulfilled life.

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