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Salt & Silver: Travel, Surf, Cook follows Jo and Cozy as they take a year off to explore the surf and the food in eight countries throughout Central and South America. There are three parts to Salt & Silver that are intermingled together to create a unique story: Their adventures as they travel, the surf guide and the cookbook.

Book review by Rebecca Jean



I actually kind of forgot about the surf guide and cookbook parts of Salt & Silver the first time I read it. Jo and Cozy are pretty captivating story tellers. From old friends to new friends, friendly locals, corrupt police, gangs with machetes and fishing for piranhas, their story kept me reading the book from cover to cover. Those who have little interest in surf breaks and recipes will still enjoy Salt & Silver for the sense of adventure that Jo and Cozy share in their writing. I will admit, I was pretty disappointed at the end of the book. Not because I didn’t enjoy it, but because it was over. In the end they leave Latin America and go home to Germany, kind of a let down. Don’t worry though, I didn’t just ruin the end of their story for you, ’cause these guys are working on a second book!


Salt and silver surf, travel, cook
The hidden markets


Salt and silver surf, travel, cook
Hitching a lift in Ecuador


Salt and silver surf, travel, cook
Beautiful Patagonia



With the help of local knowledge, Jo and Cozy provide a surf guide from each country they travel to. While not as in depth as many strictly surf guides, they provide gps coordinates and info on the breaks, such as if it’s good for beginners, or if experience is required due to sharp shallow rocks and the possibility of being harassed by police.


Salt and silver surf, travel, cook
A playful seal in the Galapagos


Salt and silver surf, travel, cook
Heading out to surf in the Galapagos


Salt and silver surf, travel, cook
Surfing in Cuba




The recipes in Salt & Silver are all pretty awesome. While there are a few ingredients that most people outside of South America probably won’t have in their kitchen, like plantains, fresh coconuts and piranhas, it’s worth the extra trip to the grocery store (don’t worry, you can substitute your local freshwater fish for the piranhas). Aside from the few odd ingredients (outside of Latin American standards that is) most of the recipes are pretty straight forward. From food you can make on the beach over a camp fire, to dishes that will take a little longer, they have a good variety for whatever mood you’re in from Portobello-Shrimp Burgers to Tropical Curry, Nicaraguan Market Soup, Lobster Tails with Lemon-Garlic Butter, Ceviche (multiple kinds) and more. Also, most importantly (to me, as they are one of my all time favorites in the world): Tacos. Lots of different kind of tacos!


With my especially great love of fish tacos, I eagerly went forth to make the recipe they provide from Mexico. First off was making the tortillas (which they have a recipe for, 3 different ones to be exact). While my first ones probably looked pretty similar to ones the boys made that resembled deformed pizza crusts, I grabbed a couple of cutting boards to help shape them and happy with the results, went on with the filling. With 7 ingredients, they weren’t a lot of work, but sometimes less is more, and they definitely reminded me of the last time I was in Mexico myself living off tacos (although I admit, mine may not have been quite as good as genuine Mexican fish tacos. I’ll have to work on that).


Salt and silver surf, travel, cook
Dinner on the beach with friends in Chile


Salt and silver surf, travel, cook
Cajita de Cerdo (pork in a box)


Salt and silver surf, travel, cook
Fresh fish in Costa Rica


The Salt & Silver project isn’t over, and I’m looking forward to seeing what these guys come up with next.


Salt and silver surf, travel, cook
Cozy & Jo


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Images excerpted from Salt & Silver: Travel, Surf, Cook by Thomas Kosikowski & Johannes Riffelmacher. Used with permission of Andrews McMeel Publishing.


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