Trust Your Vibes: Secret Tools for Sixth Sensory Living by Sonia Croquette

A fascinating book filled with practical advice for becoming more intuitive.


Intuition is a guiding principle for any athlete involved in adventure sports. Athletes have called it many things, “Flow“, “One million percent focus”, “Inner Guidance”, “Deep Knowing.” It’s the moment you put your head down to paddle for a wave, the moment you drop into the bowl. The moment you reach for the next handhold, or you shift into low gear and face down the mountain. For however long that experience lasts you are in the zone, there is no room for the thinking brain.

And we’ve all had the opposite experience as well. You’ve just had a conversation with your roommate that pissed you off and now you can’t seem to surf a wave if your life depended on it. So what is it that put you in the zone? And is it possible to live in that zone for 24 hours per day? Sonia Choquette says it is.

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What does it mean to trust your vibes?

Sonia Choquette is also the author of The Diary of a Psychic. She explains, “I began to understand that we have everything to do with what happens to us, and as spiritual beings, we actually co-create with the Universe all the events we experience.” She says learning to consciously co-create, as opposed to unconsciously,  is the secret to a fulfilled life.

Trust Your Vibes has 33 short chapters, each giving a practical and easy to follow steps to becoming more intuitive, connect to everything around you. These steps include: slowing down, paying attention to your surroundings and spending time in nature. Other steps are deep breathing, healthy eating, turning off electronics and expecting the best.


How to trust your vibes.

Sonia is incredibly practical in her approach saying, “If your body is neglected, exhausted, or abused, it becomes energetically toxic. Your spirit actually leaves via what’s known as the ‘silver cord’ (a shimmering cord of light extending from your solar plexus to your auric field), and your psychic engines shut down”.  Of course, I’ve seen this a hundred times. I’m too tired to surf but I push myself to do it anyway. I just seem to be out of sync with the waves.


Sonia Choquette Trust your vibes
Sonia gives you the feeling that she knows the secrets to floating through life, riding each wave as it comes.


Choquette emphasizes slowing down and creating space for listening. “If you can’t sleep at night, perhaps your body can’t get your attention during the day.” In order to avoid this, she suggests walks in nature, coloring, journaling, and meditation. “The more you practice getting quiet, the quicker you’ll sense your vibes.” Getting quiet seems to be a lost art in today’s modern society.  Because we are intently focused on progress and creation. To sit quietly is almost anti-capitalist, and absolutely essential if we are going to live a life that flows.


Vibes are easily hijacked.

The chapter on protecting your energy from the people around you was especially meaningful to me. I am a person who has a hard time distancing herself from anyone for fear of seeming rude. “If your intuitive channel is open but your tuner isn’t dialed to your Higher Self, you may accidentally pick up on that negative energy without even knowing it. You may unconsciously tune in to another’s anxiety, depression, or fear.” Learning to walk away from conversations and end relationships that are vibrating at a lower frequency is necessary, says Choquette. Especially if we are to become sixth-sensory beings.


Pick up a copy of Trust You Vibes

As an athlete and person concerned with living my best life, I found this book very thought-provoking. I would recommend it for anyone looking to connect with their highest self at a deeper level. You can find it on Amazon or wherever good books are sold.


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