It’s End of Snow Season – Ever thought about getting a surf instructor qualification and becoming a surf instructor?

It’s always a sad time of year when the snow melts and you say goodbye to new friends… and of course, your ski instructor job that funds your envious lifestyle. What if there was another adventure always waiting at the end of the season… in the warmth, with great people, and a good paycheque? That’s the dream right? It could also be your reality if you get a surf instructor qualification and become a surf instructor with Mojo Surf.

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The end of the snow season is the worst… or the best, depending on how much powder you’ve had or what you have coming up to look forward to. I know back-to-back winters working long days on the mountain can get tough… Each year I pine for my flight to Bali from Hokkaido, Japan so I could thaw out my toes and drink a coconut!

It wouldn’t be long until I was back in Southern hemisphere winter, back in my snowboard boots, a 15kg guide pack on my back, and skiing uphill slowly. While I absolutely loved snowboarding and my job, there were times I wished I had another job option… somewhere warm. With fresh vegetables and fruit. Preferably with surf…


Can you relate? Every ski instructor knows that feeling because those dark, cold, winters get tough. On your body, your health, and your motivation.


Cat skiing in Niseko Japan
Another day at work for Alexa, as the lead guide of a cat skiing operation in Niseko, Japan.
Photo by Niseko Photography & Guiding


Taking a break and having the option of another career option is always a good idea. That way, you’re less likely to burn out on doing what you love for a living. Plus you get to even out that goggle tan, learn new transferable skills, and most importantly, have fun.


If you have three months, whether you have or haven’t surfed before this program can facilitate all your needs.


Surfers walking to beach
Walking over the headland from Spot X accommodation to your place of work!


Become a surf instructor with this 3-month course


This awesome 3-month surf instructor course focuses on building your experience and knowledge of surfing, the ocean, instruction. Some of this will include live interaction with clients, presentations, controlling groups in the ocean, and building confidence around teaching. You’ll also learn about everything surf-related, and of course, you’ll be surfing and having fun with your new crew.

You will develop all the necessary skills required to pass all qualifications needed to become a surf instructor with a worldwide-recognised qualification.

Besides the accreditation, the surf-instructor course also focuses on your teaching techniques and surfing abilities to make you a well-rounded and employable instructor. If you are coming from a ski instructing background, so many of your skills are already transferable.


This surf instructor qualification will give you:

  • Practical development of beginner to intermediate surf skills
  • Ocean safety, ocean awareness, fitness training
  • Access to a variety of waves
  • Expert lessons based on your skill level
  • Expert instruction by qualified coaches to achieve catching, riding, and turning on unbroken waves
  • Increased surf theory, and exposure to more challenging waves
  • Increased ocean fitness, paddling power and confidence
  • Provide up to 40 hours of practical coaching experience
  • Use of video analysis to improve surfing techniques
  • Potentially an opportunity to work as an Assistant coach for Mojo and earn $$



Surfer girl in the water on surfboard
Down-time in between sets



What surf instructor qualification will I get?

At the end of the surf instructor course, you will have earned an internationally recognised Level 1 ASI Surfing Qualification from the Academy of Surfing Instructors – The World’s leading professional membership organisation and international governing body for surf instructors, coaches, and surf schools.

The course also includes obtaining an Ocean Surf Safety Coach Award (OSSCA), Senior First Aid, Advanced Resuscitation and Work with Children Check (Australia).



Where can I take the surf instructor course? 

There is one main location to take the surf instructor course. Spot X is a beachside surf camp (literally 2 minutes bed to break) located on Australia’s east coast, in a National Marine Park, Somewhere north of Sydney and Coffs Harbour and south of Byron Bay.


Mojo Surf Spox X Drone beach
Location shot of Spot X where Mojo run the 3-month surf instructor course.



What is the course structure like?

Each day you will begin with an early morning surf at sunrise alongside Mojo Surf’s elite surf coaches. Breakfast is available for you to grab any time between 6am and 9am, then you are free to hangout or surf again until lunch at 12-1pm.

From 3-5pm Monday to Friday you will have a theory lesson or fitness classes. They are structured as follows:

  • Mondays: Surf Lesson, Surf Theory: Ocean Awareness, Surf Etiquette and even Surfboard Repair
  • Tuesdays: Surf Lesson, Surf Skate Session
  • Wednesdays: Surf Lesson, Bonus Theory Lesson & Circuit Training
  • Thursdays: Surf Lesson, Instructor Swim Training
  • Fridays: Surf Lesson, Instructor Theory, Video Analysis
  • Saturday & Sundays: Ocean Fitness & Yoga
  • Free surf time – daily


Dinner is served between 6pm and 7pm followed by a nightly campfire and nighttime activities.


First aid training
First-aid is one of the qualifications you will get on the course.



How many people attend each surf instructor course?

There is a range between 5 to 10 people each course.


What is the student to surf instructor ratio? 

Mojo Surf has an average of 1:5 surf instructor to student ratio. The legal limit is 1:8.


beachside surf accomodation Mojo Surf
Your ocean-front accommodation at Spot X.



What is the accommodation at Spot X like?

Your accommodation is in the ultimate beachfront pad, a maximum of a 1-minute walk to the beach, or grab a coffee from the Mojo cart.

It will just be you and your fellow students in the Surf Academy beach house.

Mojo is always flexible and can potentially offer a solo cabin for an additional fee. However, it’s far more beneficial to get involved and build a surf crew.

3 nutritious meals a day are prepared by the resident chef, which cater to a range of dietary requirements keeping it fresh and healthy to give you maximum energy in the surf.

There are other chill-out zones, hammocks, fire pit, laundry, party room, camp kitchen, TV room, with bike and kayak hire available. Unlimited surfboard options are all included.


Mojo Surf instructor course - accomodation
The dorm-rooms and view of the waves.



What are the waves in the area like?

Spot X has a variety of great waves with access right in front of you each day. You will learn to negotiate a wide range of waves on safe sandbanks, with only the Mojo crew out to keep you company in the uncrowded Mid North Coast/Banana Coast.

If you have surfed before and when you make it to the next level, you will be taken to, or you can just walk to some amazing surf over the headland, or go surf the point break which is located on the same beach.


Surfers on the beach at sunset
I know this looks like a stock photo but it’s actually the waves on your doorstep at Spot X.


The surf instructor course – Price & inclusions?

The Mojo Surf Academy surf instructor course costs $8,350 Australian Dollars.


What’s included:

  • Mojosurf’s 6 Day 6 Night Great Aussie Surf Adventure – what is this?
  • 90 nights at Mojosurf camp Spot X
  • Transport- Return transport from Sydney, Byron or Brisbane to Spot X
  • Food- Breakfast, lunch and dinner daily
  • Free time- Weekends off to explore the surrounds
  • Equipment- All equipment provided (we recommend purchasing your own wetsuit, however wetsuits are available for purchase or individual hire at Spot X)
  • 5 x weekly practical surf development lessons
  • 2 x weekly surf theory lessons
  • Lessons by highly qualified & experienced instructors
  • 4 x fitness sessions weekly
  • Weekly video analysis
  • Level 1 Surf Coaching qualification*, Ocean Surf Safety Coach Award (OSSCA), Senior First Aid, Advanced Resuscitation and Work with Children Check

* To become a Level 1 Surf Instructor you must attend all classes, demonstrate the required surf skills, be found competent in the qualifications, and pay an additional $1000 local payment for the statutory certification & accreditation.


Girls hangout on beach around fire
Beach fire hangout are just one of the waves to pass the evenings.



Who is Mojo Surf?

Mojo Surf is an Australian company started by two mates back in 1998, just like you and me. They didn’t want a desk job. Instead, they created a life of fun, surfing, adventure, travel and meeting new people by becoming a surf instructor. As the world’s leading and largest surf travel company and ‘learn to surf’ specialist, operating surf schools, guided surf adventures and surf camps throughout Australia and Indonesia, they are the perfect company to get your surf instructing qualification over 3 fun months learning to become a surf instructor.


Learn more about Mojo surf on their website and find out more about their awesome crew of instructors on their meet the crew page. All the info on the 3-months learn to become a surf instructor course is detailed on this page.


This article was written in partnership with Mojo Surf.


Hiya, I'm Alexa. Always on some sort of adventure! I'm excited to share my stories & introduce you to other rad women, also living the dream. I'm here to inspire you to do the same :-)


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