Lifestyle Changes: Signs you’re in the wrong job (and what to do about it)

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Think about it, you will spend literally half of your life working. For this reason alone, it’s so important to not hate your job and enjoy what you do. Spending half of your life miserable and re-living that in later life may also bring on a lot of regrets, and you don’t want that either! To avoid this, the best thing that you can do is sit down and work out what makes you happy and if you are currently in the right job. The goal is to be happy and to have no regrets.


Hating Sunday nights

If you hate Sunday nights, or if you spend most of your time worrying about going to work the next day then this is a clear sign that you hate your job… or that you are in the wrong job. You may feel anxious about the thought of another day in the office, or get frustrated that the weekend is nearly over and it’s all starting again. If this is the case, then you need to either find a job that can give you some flexible working hours, or you need to put the work in to try and change your position entirely. When you do something that you love in your career, you may soon find that the weekends don’t seem so short and that the weekdays don’t feel that bad.


Going MIA

Hating your job often results in the occasional skipped day, or you may even take more personal days off than normal. Sure, there may be legitimate reasons for this sometimes, but other times it may just be an excuse for you to try and get out of the office. You may call in sick when you don’t need to, and you may even try and do everything you can to get out of the office. When people hate their job, they try and do everything they can to get out of doing it and this is a clear sign that you need to undergo a career change.


Liking work

Sure, not many people LIKE work and you may even think that work is aptly named for a reason. This is not the case at all. At the end of the day, you really do need to feel some accomplishment regarding your achievements. Parts of your day should make you laugh and you should also come out of work feeling as though you have made a positive impact. If you finish the day feeling drained, unhappy or lethargic with very little reward, then this can really affect your self-esteem and mental health in the long-term and it can even cause you to experience anxiety or stress that is not required.


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People asking if you’re okay

When you’re unhappy at work, your friends and family will start to notice. A dead giveaway if when people close to you continually ask if you are okay. If this is the case then they are probably right, something is up. It doesn’t matter how much you try and mask your unhappiness, your family will always know. If people are telling you that you are just not the same person or if they are trying to have words with you to make sure that you are okay, then take this as a hint that you need to make a change in your life. You need to make sure that you don’t discount their concerns and you also need to make sure that you get to the root of the problem as well.


Robotic feelings

Having a rewarding career is a truly motivating and you will want to go that extra mile. If your current role doesn’t get you fired up to get up in the morning, then you’re more likely to want to turn your brain off and go into robot mode. You will carry out every single task without passion or zeal, and you may even find that you lack the motivation to learn as well. If turning into robot mode is your go-to, then this could indicate extreme familiarity with your job but also, it could reveal complacency and indifference in your role. Again, nothing is going to change unless you change it. Signs like this also show that you are potentially overqualified for your position and that you could probably do it in your sleep. As for more responsibility in your role and invite more challenges and opportunities to learn. Talk with your boss about a potential promotion. Having a new challenge and focus can really help you to turn things around without having to leave your position entirely.


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Being efficient

There is a difference between working efficiently and effectively. Effectiveness really is about doing the things that will help you to get closer to the goals you want to achieve. Efficiency is all about you doing a task, whether it is important or not, in the best and fastest way possible. If you are constantly focused on getting the work done as quickly as you can, but at the end, you don’t feel as though you have accomplished anything then it may be time for you to branch into another line of work. This may be easier said than done when you already have experience in the career that you are working right now, but if you are willing to train and study then there is no reason why you can’t move sideways and have a career change. Consider looking into Wilfred Laurier online MPS program to find out if you could find a job that you feel satisfied with at the end of the day.


Social media

If you can’t seem to get off social media or if you use it to try and pass time then this could show that you are not passionate about what you are doing. You may not be aware of this, but you are also disrespecting yourself as well. You are not giving yourself a reason to be proud of what you are doing or even your work. If you are not careful, you may even feel bitter by the end of it as well. If this sounds like you, then a lack of motivation or even be procrastinating are at the heart of your day and a good sign that a job change needs to be in the pipeline.


The working day takes forever

If you know that your job is a good fit for you then you may find that you can’t help but work late and that you are always trying to get everything done as well. When you are in the wrong job however you may find that you are continually looking at the time and that you are also working hard to try and make it go faster. If this is the case then it may be that you need more of a challenging job and you may also find that you also need to take the time to evaluate your career as well.


Boss corrections

Constructive criticism can be very valuable, but if you feel as though every single task gets a reprimand, then this doesn’t mean you’re a bad employee, but that you’re not in the right job. You may be in over your head or you may have very little interest in your career. If you start getting left off meetings or start to feel in the dark about big company decisions, then it is possible that your boss and the company’s leadership also think you should be in a different role. You have two options, fix the role you are in or change to the job you are in.


Avoiding your boss

If, deep down, you dread your boss arriving or if you would happily go a full day without having to speak with them then this is a sign that you are working with the wrong company. You may feel as though you are just not on the same wavelength or you may even find that your personalities clash. If you and your boss are speaking different languages or if you can’t seem to agree then this is another sign. You may just need to change things up in terms of the role that you have in the company, or you may even need to try and change jobs entirely. After all, finding a job that you can feel secure in and finding a boss that you can be comfortable with is essential if you want to try and progress to the best of your ability in the career that you have.


In short, if you have nodded your way through this article in agreeance to the listed points, then make the decision today to make a change. You don’t want to be looking back on your life wishing you did something else with all your time.


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