Still Stoked Discount Codes

Still Stoked discount codes

Current discount codes wrangled by Still Stoked for your shopping pleasure!

We’re passionate about supporting small, indie companies and brands that are trying to do good in the world. As consumers, we can shape businesses to use more environmentally friendly production techniques and create products that are kinder to the environment and us. The below brands are all brands that I use and love. They kindly offered a discount code to Still Stoked readers so you could also try their products and hopefully discover something that will bring you joy.

This list will constantly update.

Last updated Sept 19.

Travel Insurance

World Nomads Travel Insurance

– Use code STOKED5 for 5% off

*For our Canadian and US travellers, unfortunately, due to financial services laws, we cannot provide a discount. This promotional code cannot be used with any other discount offer, including World Nomads Members’ discount for travel insurance policy holders.

Mineral Surf Sunscreens – Ocean safe & non-toxic

Surf Yogis

– Use STILLSTOKED  for 15% off

Surf Yogis sunscreen for surfing

Surf hair products & zinc removing wipes

Tapa Reef

– Use code STILLSTOKED10 for 10% off (both US and AU store)

I used these paraben-free shampoos and biodegradable zinc removing wipes on a daily basis

Tapareef sunscreen

Organic skincare

Made for Life Organics

– Use code STOKED20 for 20% off online – excludes gift sets and discover and travel sizes

These are quite possibly the most amazing skincare range, made from only plants, herbs, and oils. I interviewed the incredibly impressive owner, Amanda. She makes an incredibly strong case for switching to organic, natural skincare over chemicals. Read the interview here

Natural skincare - clean and organic
The Restorative Body Balm

Surf Bikinis & swimwear (recycled plastic & fishing net fabrics)

Sensi Graves Bikinis – STILLSTOKED for 10% off – Recycled fabrics
Salt Gypsy – Stillstoked10 for 10% off  – Recycled fabrics
Elation Swimwear – STILLSTOKED for 15% off – Recycled fabrics
Anowi Surf – STILLSTOKED for 10% – Recycled fabrics
Bondi Alchemist – STILLSTOKED for 10% off – Recycled fabrics
CEACEA Swimwear – stillstoked for 15% off
Zealous Bikinis – stillstokedxzealous for 10% off – Recycled fabrics
Glide Soul – STILLSTOKED2019 for 10%
Tide and Seek – STOKED10OFF for 10% off – Recycled fabrics
Monique Rotteveel – STILLSTOKED for 10% off – Recycled fabrics
CURMS – stillstokedxcurms10 for 10% off – Recycled fabrics
OY surf – stillstoked for 10% off – Recycled fabrics
Cenote Swimwear – STILLSTOKED for 15% off
Hakuna Swimwear – STILLSTOKED10 for 10% off – Recycled fabrics

Surf bikini discount codes

Surf retreats & holidays

Surf Getaways surf retreats, Worldwide

Still Stoked has partnered with Surf Getaways to offer our readers 10% off any full-prices surf camp or retreat. Head on over to Surf Getaway to chose a location from Japan, Bali, Vanuatu, Australia and more.

Use code STILLSTOKED or mention Still Stoked and the discount in your correspondence.

Surf Getaways and Still stoked Women's surf trips

Talalla Surf and Yoga Retreat, Sri Lanka

I highly recommended this luxury surf and yoga camp in Sri Lanka. Read my review
– Use code SHARESTOKE10 for 10% off

Talalla Surf Camp Sri Lanka

Malibu Popoyo Boutique Surf Resort, Nicaragua

– Use code STILLSTOKED for a discount on your booking at Malibu Popoyo!

Read our full review of this luxury surf resort next to several surfing options including world-class waves such as Popoyo. Email Jade to book: and put the code in the subject line.

Malibu Popoyo Boutique surf Resort


Conner hats

– STOKED15 for 15% off in the US and AU store

Beautiful hats that are kind on the environment and great to travel with. We adore our Conner Hat <3.

Connor hats - use code STOKED15 for 15% off
We’re also rocking this Mt Warning hat.
Spell & The Gypsy Collective

– Use SPELLANGEL1811490 for 10% off in the US and AU store

What can we say about Spell & The Gypsy other than it is our favourite brand of all time and we pine after absolutely everything they make. It is a regular clothes crush, every time they release a new collection.

Read our Spell Clothes Crush for inspiration.

Spell & The Gypsy dresses are truly bohemian style

Lunette Menstrual cups

– Use STOKED15 for 15% off

Looking for tampon alternatives? Menstrual cups are the most environmentally friendly option. Reduce your monthly waste and start using one of these medical-grade silicon cups instead of sanitary towels and tampons.

Period central cup by Lunette
The Lunette central cup