From park rat to the backcountry


Growing up is weird. I’ve definitely been struggling with it recently. I turn 34 next month. Apart from the artheritis in my neck that has started to RAGE since surfing in 5C water last week, I feel just like I did when I was 24. That is until I fall over. I’m just not made of rubber bands and boucy balls anymore! Ahh.. it’s frustrating!


One other really interesting aspect of getting older has been how my approach to snowboarding has changed. I was such a park-rat in my younger years. I spent months in summer, riding the glacier in Les Deux Alpes, hitting the rail and jump lines over and over. Trying the same tricks until it started to feel good. That feeling was addicting. I built up a list of injuries as long as my (reconstructed) arm.


Alexa Hohenberg La Grave skiing
Alexa above the entry into a famous La Grave line.
Photo Luke SP


In the last five years, my focus has moved away from the snow park and into the mountains. ‘How do I get up there?” I would ask myself as I starred at a big peak with lines I would ride over and over in my head. Going to Alaksa followed by getting a splitboard changed everything for me (I ride the women’s Arbor Swoon splitboard). It opened up literally a world of possibilities.. a world of new mountains. I started looking up!


In April last year, I went back to Les Deux Alpes – a place I have called home for many years and in 2005 brought an apartment there (check it out on AirBNB). It was amazing to go back there with new eyes and a new-found appreciation of the mounatins that had always been on my doorstep. But they were always mountains that I had little interest in.. because I was always in the snow park.. or hungover from partying in Les Deux ALpes, many many bars!


This short film was made with good friend and old snowboard partner Luke S-P about that transition. About growing up. About growing out of the park and into the mountains. And of course, how Still Stoked fits into all of that.


Writing this now almost a year later, I’m somewhat embarrased to say that my priorities has somewhat changed again. While I still feel the pull to go back to Les Deux Alpes and explore my back yard further, I have this new burning passion for surfing that I just can’t shake off. Maybe the next progression of age will be a move away from snowboatrding all together and diving all-in, into surfing. Who knows? I guess that is the joy of growing older. We evolve and new things become old. But we are ever changing.


All the best, and thank you to everyone who made this film possible, especially Luke S-P at LSP Media.

Alexa x


Alexa Hohenberg La Grave
Alexa touring up to La Meije.
Drone photo by Luke SP.


Filmed on location in:

  • Niskeo, Japan
  • Les Deux Alpes, France
  • La Grave, France
  • Parc Les Ecrins, France
  • Whistler, Canada
  • Park City, Utah
  • Chugach Mountains, Alaska
  • San Juans, Colorado
  • Snowy Mountains, Australia
  • Las Lēnas, Argentina
  • Baldface Lodge, Canada
  • Big Wave Catski, Niseko


Filmed and edited by Luke SP

Additional footage by:

  • Alexa Hohenberg
  • Steve Wall
  • TJ Balon

Hiya, I'm Alexa. Always on some sort of adventure! I'm excited to share my stories & introduce you to other rad women, also living the dream. I'm here to inspire you to do the same :-)


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