Goal setting for the year ahead

How to prepare for the year ahead by goal setting. How to get clear on what you want to achieve, why that goal is important to you, and how you plan to succeed.



I’ve been thinking a lot recently about where I want to go with my life. In two days I’ll fly to Europe to sign papers, selling my home and simultaneously cutting the last thread that holds me to the continent I was born. It’s time for a new chapter… for a new decade. 


Isn’t it funny that we know what is good for us but we often make so many excuses to not take those first steps? Or even sabotage our own very efforts towards progress? I recently answered a difficult question that helped me work through a few things. I originally came across it in a podcast Tim Ferris did with Jerry Colonna.


That question was:

How am I complicit in creating the conditions I say I don’t want?


Sit on that one for a moment, even write it down.  


One thing that’s important to do when identifying what you want in life, is to also identify what you don’t want. If you know what you don’t want, it will be easier to navigate your path towards the things you want to attract. The above question helped me do just that.

So as we move into 2020 and begin our goal setting, I wanted to help all our readers get real damn clear on what they want to achieve this next year. That clarity, oh my…. well, it’s so so powerful. Get clear on what you want, define a strategy to get there and trust me you will be so surprised at how less daunting that goal will seem.

We made a really cool goal-setting worksheet that is half vision board and half probing questions to help you get clear on your goal setting for the year ahead. By doing the worksheet you will have an actionable plan for the next month, 3 months, 6 months and then the year. YOu will have created your own mantra to say to yourself when you get demotivated. You’ll also be encouraged to make your own vision board.



Remember friends…

Your dreams won’t work unless you do!


For 2020, my primary goal is all about building Still Stoked into a thriving platform for women worldwide. I will build the tools to support and inspire women in living more adventurous, progression-filled lives, full of freedom. My other goal is to push and progress my own surfing. I’ve identified the people, tools, and strategies that I need to employ in order to get there, and with Still Stoked, I have designed an immersive boat trip to help the progression of other ladies with the same goal as me. Check out our 2020 Mentawais boat trip with two world-class coaches. So to keep progressing towards my goals, I just have to stay on track with the strategies I have identified and committed to, in the worksheet.

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So are you with me? Let’s do this! Let’s do everything we would do if we weren’t afraid.


Alexa x


Hiya, I'm Alexa. Always on some sort of adventure! I'm excited to share my stories & introduce you to other rad women, also living the dream. I'm here to inspire you to do the same :-)


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