Maldives surf charter on The Triton

The Triton Maldives surf charter runs 14x fully customisable, 12-night trips during the Maldives surf season, mid-April to mid-October. Surf charter prices go from 1,300 EUROS –  Incredible value!


Triton Surf Safari in The Maldives
Just us on the Triton Surf Safari in the south-central atolls.
Photo Lena Stoffel


7 ladies to 3 guys aren’t your average ratios in any board sport, let alone on a Maldives surf charter. Thankfully, this was the boat I found myself on at the start of the Maldives surf season. The Triton Surf Safari was to be our floating home and a magic carpet to the waves for the next 12 nights.


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Surfer Girl ripping in The Maldives
Kat ripping at Machine
Photo Lena Stoffel


This was my first ever surf charter and also my first time to The Maldives. The girls, on the other hand, were Maldives addicts. With Aline Bock, Lena Stoffel and Lisa Fitzmoser having been 7, 4 and 2 times previous. Each multiple times aboard the Triton – Something about this 90,000 square kilometers of tropical paradise kept them coming back for more. I was incredibly lucky to be on a boat with not only so many ladies, but legends that absolutely ripped in the surf as well on snow.


Girls surf trip to The Maldives
Stoked AF on our way to The Triton – Photo Alexa Hohenberg


The Triton Surf safari boat is designed for groups of 5-10 surfers with 5 guest births, each with bunk beds. I opted for the top bunk so I could look at the stars at night while being rocked to sleep. For such a little boat, it packs a lot of space and comfort with many chill-out areas or ‘runaway’ areas as I started to call them when the waves crashed over us.  Sunsets, dance parties, yoga and ‘stylish jumping competitions’ were best done from the top sun deck. Hiding, reading and coffee drinking from the back. Eating our 3 meals of something orange, delicious and curried, from the inside salon. It was the perfect size even for 10 of us plus 7 crew.


Surf boat life - girls surf trip
Life in the Triton salon – Photo Lena Stoffel
Surfer girl in The Maldives
Kat ripping the rights!
Photo Lena Stoffel


Our specific Maldives surf charter on The Triton was from the Malé Atoll in the north to Lamuu Atoll in the south. The cost included short 45-minute flight in a cute twin-propeller plane back to Malé for our flight home. On the boat, it was up to us where we wanted to go and when. This was both a blessing and a curse – as choice often is. On The Triton we had the option of scuba diving with all equipment available for a small additional fee. I did a dive for $35USD down to 36m in the channel, deep between the islands of Lamuu. White and blacktip reef sharks, turtles, manta rays and sting rays were all on offer. It truly is a tropical paradise both above and below the water.


Manta Ray scuba diving
Simone lucking out on a dive with Manta Rays in between surfs


In addition to the small dingy boat we used to transfer us to and from the waves, we also had a typical Maldivian, brightly coloured Dhoni ferry, in our convoy. How the hell the Dhoni captain managed to navigate some of the stormy seas in that tiny thing, I don’t know. We later discovered he was quite the fisherman with a penchant for flying small child-like kites. Dohni, Dingy, Donkey – we got them all confused in a mad rush to cover ourselves in reef-safe zinc to board any vessel to take us to the waves. It was good to have that bigger boat in our flotilla as I would later find out when I needed to get to the hospital ASAP to get my arm stitched up!


Girl surf trip to the Maldives
Jumping from our own private Dhoni to the waves.
Photo Lena Stoffel


Surf oat charter in The Maldives
Living it up in a channel in the middle of the Indian Ocean – just us!
Photo Alexa Hohenberg


Unfortunately, our Maldives surf adventures were not blessed with the finest weather, for sun-baking nor surfing. The winds were howling and the surf, small. However, that didn’t deter us. We scored some fun waves at Cokes and Chickens on our first few days before deciding to head south where the land-camps were few and the waves a-plenty. The good thing about the Maldives is no matter which way the wind is blowing, you can go either side of the island and find an off-shore break. There is, however, such as thing as ‘too offshore’  – making it particularly tricky to paddle onto the waves or see once you are up and riding!


Offshore breeze in the Maldives
Offshore and beautiful
Photo Alexa Hohenberg


The Maldives crystal clear water .
The water in The Maldives is some of the clearest you will ever see! -Photo Kat Kern


Where we somewhat unlucky with weather and swell, we lucked out on the crowds or lack-there-of.  On the voyage south to the central atolls, we didn’t see one other boat. A bit of a shame as there was this boat full of hot Australian boys that I met in the lineup at Cokes, and I knew they had tequila and a good margaritas receipe! No worries though, we were the only ones out every day on every break we went to, except 3 local kids who joined us at Machine.


Surfing in the Maldives - perfect waves
Perfect rights.
Photo Lena Stoffel


The Machine was to be the highlight wave of our trip. We scored it on a solid day in the opportune moment when the winds or current wasn’t too strong. It was also the wave that would put me in the local hospital. Sucking up fast off the shallow reef, I ran out of talent and landed on my fin, injecting it through the back of my arm. Luckily our amazing Dhoni captain was from that island. He arranged for my swift transport to the local hospital, for his brother-in-law to wake the doctor up, and have the hospital open early to attend to my injury. $12 US dollars later, I was under local aesthetic with 7 neat stitches in my arm. Very grateful.


Surfing in the Maldives - The Machine
The Machine. The currents are a b**ch! 
Photo Alexa Hohenberg


The Machine not being too nice to me.
Photo Lena Stoffel


From my 12 nights Maldives surf charter in this tropical paradise, it became apparent that surfing in here absolutely must be done from a boat! While the land camps are obviously cheaper, there is nothing quite like being on a boat in the middle of nowhere with your friends. Missy Elliott pumping from the speakers, epic sunsets, duct-taping your legs together to pretend to be a merman, slumber parties on the roof sleeping under the stars… the list of general banter and activities went on. Anything goes on a boat. You are free as a bird at sea!


Surf charter shinnanigans
Boat top dance parties – making the most of the colourful zinc sunblock we had at our disposal!
Photo Alexa Hohenberg


Sunsets in the Maldives


A Maldives surf charter also has beer where land camps are alcohol-free as the Maldives are a Muslim country (read more about the Maldives in our comprehensive surf guide). On The Triton, we helped ourselves to Tiger beers, celebrating the passing of another amazing day usually accompanied by another epic sunset. All our needs were taken care of with so much attention to detail by the crew. Even when we decided to surf at first-light, the crew had arranged for tea and coffee to caffeinate us before our dawn paddle. Lunch and dinner were plentiful, as were the huge tuna, red snapper and emperor fish that the crew pulled from the ocean. The food was incredible and our chef from Bangladesh had the warmest smile and kindest heart. His presence and cooking was a highlight of my time aboard The Triton.


Fishing in the Maldives
Our chef got very excited when the crew caught fish!
Photo Alexa Hohenberg


Fresh fish for dinner
Fish dinner, all day every day.
Photo Lena Stoffel


12 nights is the perfect amount of time for a Maldives surf charter, allowing you to explore the many different atolls stretching over 1,192 coral islands scattered within its 26 atolls. Being able to spend as much time at a break that you get to figure out the wave is ideal. A highlight for me was surfing in a dark and eerie storm in the middle of a channel with no land in site. Absolute nothing to reference your position in the water! As the rain hammered down, you couldn’t help but feel your most alive. That’s again, the beauty of being on a boat. You can stop wherever you wish, for as long as you wish. The possibilities for moments like that, surfing a remote spot with just your friends are endless.


Surfer girls duck diving
Duck diving in paradise
Photo Kat Kern


Party waves - Two girls surfing
Baby party waves!


A massive thank you to Heinz back in Germany, the crew aboard The Triton and the girls and guys on the trip. To Aline, Lena and Lisa who accompanied me to the hospital and kept me conscious even though The Machine was pumping & they would for sure rather be surfng! I’m incredibly grateful, thank you.


Boat life - crew on a surf charter
Working pretty much round the clock to give us the best holiday


Captain of the ship
Captain navigating the storm



For more info on The Triton Maldives surf charter, the waves and the boat, check out The Triton Maldives surf charters run 14x  12-night charters from mid-April to mid-October across all the main surfing atolls. Surf charter prices go from 1,300 EUROS which is incredible value.


If you are interested in surfing in The Maldives, have a good read of our Maldives surf guide with info on all the waves, where to stay and all the other bits of info you wished you’d bother to read! For other surf guides including why you should surf Sri Lanka and surfing the right point breaks of El Salvador, check out the surf guide section.



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