Surf progression is my goal – This is what I’m doing about it

I want to get better at surfing. It’s going to take dedication and work, and I’m ready to get started with a surf trip with coaches in my future. Here’s my surf progression strategy to smash my surfing goals. 


Let me blunt for a second. I’m crystal frigging clear on my goals for the next year. I’ve taken the time to define them. Time to visualize them. Heck, I’ve even made a vision board that I’ve stuck to the wall in my bedroom, so I see every-damn-day what I’m going to accomplish this year.

Because as I’ve said before when we were talking about the importance of setting goals, dreams don’t work unless you do.


Surf Tonga
Alexa deep on a fast, shallow wave on one of Tonga’s outer reefs. Body position could be so much better!!!!!
Photo: Captain Myers


Surf progression is my goal.




I’ guess you do too if you’re reading this. Yeah girl, #IGotYou… Let’s do this together!


Recently I’ve been having surfs where I feel paddle fit, strong, and in rhythm. My shoulders are opening up to the wave, my back foot is jammed on the tail pad and dare I say it, it’s even rolling slightly in so my hips are facing where I want to go! Correct back foot angle was HUGE hurdle for me as a snowboarder as my feet have been duck/negative angles my whole life – If this is an issue for you too, I highly recommend listening to this podcast with my surfboard Twiggy on back foot angle. I’m generating speed on the waves, really going for those closeout sections. I’m finally, FINALLY progressing.


So how do I keep this momentum into the new year? Goals and a clearly articulated strategy, that’s how.


Talalla Surf Camp Sri Lanka
AHHHHH The wave is running awayyyyy from me… AGAIN!!!!!!

Surf progression tips - surf coaching


So this is what I’m doing about my surf progression goal…


#1 I’m dedicated to my girl crew because we all share the same goal

You are the average of the 5 people you hang out with most. So let’s assess. Who are you spending time with?

I have a crew of girls and we all share the same surf progression goal. We are all a similar level and we are all dedicated to our goal. These girls keep me accountable. They text me the night before ‘where we surfing and what time?’. They get me fired up even when it’s cold, dark, and miserable outside. They celebrate when I nail a late drop, and they laugh at my wipeouts. They make surfing fun and when it’s fun, you smile. And when you smile you’re relaxed. The surf progression in those moments comes naturally (listen to a podcast I did with Surf Mastery about the benefits of smiling when surfing. Steph Gilmore knows!).


Surfer girls on surf trip
Nothing is better for your surf progression then booking a boat trip with the girls!



#2 I’m surf training on land with a Smoothstar skateboard

Do you ever watch in awe as REALLY good surfers pump their way down the face of a wave? They’ve traveled several meters in the time it would take you to get to your bottom turn. Well that’s what I’ve been learning to do on a Smooth Star surf trainer. That pump, that rhythm, that drive off your back foot. The opening of the shoulders, the straightening of your front leg, the driving off the fins… skating has made us so much more proficient in these


The great thing about spending time on these on-land surf trainers is it develops muscle memory that you recall in an instant in the surf. Just this morning I got a right-hander and like a click of the fingers, I was down-up-down-up flowing with speed across the face. I HAVE NEVER DONE THAT BEFORE! Not like that.


My girls and I, when the waves suck or we’re waiting for the tide, we’re on the Smooth Star at the netball courts. In just a week we have all noticed the difference.


This is what our surf coach Gee has to say about surf trainers :



#3 I’m surfing with people better than me

My girls and I, we are lucky. We live in Sydney’s Northern Beaches where the average surfer rips. In our crew, I’d say the boys are well above average. They RIP and they love to help us out. Again, mindful that you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with, I try to surf with my besties who all RIP. They help me with my positioning, they watch my waves and I watch them. I study where they sit, what their shoulders are doing, how their back knee cocks in, their choice of waves. Through osmosis, my own awareness increases, as does my surf progression.


Surf progression tips - surf coaching
I drew left & right arrows on my surfboard to stop me from looking down!



#4 I’ve invested in a surf coach

You’ll only have a handful of seconds surfing a wave and so much will happen so quickly. How can you know what you’re doing right or wrong so you can build on it next wave? For me, working with a surf coach was the absolute best investment I made with my surfing. I learned that I was breaking at the waist, that my back leg was angled towards the tail-pad (duckfoot – a snowboard trait), and that I was poo-man side on to my board. I saw myself surfing on video (what an eye-opener), we then broke down the power sources in the wave and how to move my body through each section to generate speed. My coach (Twiggy) made me aware of one thing at a time and I worked on that each session until it was no longer a thing. My surf progression accelerated tenfold.


Surf progression tips - surf coaching
Still Stoked surf coach Twiggy, in the water alongside me in Bali.


In this New Year, the girls and I have sessions planned with Gee Cormack. It’s time to become aware of the next thing we need to work on and get to work on fixing it!


Still Stoked boat trip Mentawais
Let me at those waves with the girls!!!!!




#5 I’ve booked an immersive surf trip (with coaches) that will challenge me

If you have ever dedicated time to just one thing, you will know how powerful immersive environments are in shifting energy, learning and progressing. Be taking a month to do your yoga teacher training or two week’s to go on a surf trip with coaching – the growth you will see from focusing on just one thing is non-comparable.


Everything I am working on this year with my surfing, is building towards this 12-night boat trip in the Mentawais islands of Indonesia. I’ve hired two of the World’s best surf coaches Twiggy and Gee. We’re calling a 100ft wave-hunting superyacht home and we are going to get immersed in surf paradise. Progression and good vibes are the only goals. We’re getting immersed in surfing, stretching, healthy eating, video analysis, and progression. That’s it.


If an immersive surf environment sounds like something you would want to get your chops around, check out this trip and get in touch. At the time of writing there were a few spots left and if surf progression is your goal, this is the type of trip you want to be on!


Still Stoked boat trip Mentawais
This is our boat in the Mentawais – Find out more about the trip here & COME SURF WITH US!


#6 I’m (finally) aware of the power of the bottom turn!

Finally, I’m aware of this. I can actually feel it when I get it right. That drive off the fins when you execute a proper bottom turn. When the wave doesn’t run away from you. When you travel with it. The Smooth Star on-land skate training has definitely helped. It’s given me the opportunity to experiment with my back foot, with my compression and extension, with the push-off my backfoot.


Surf progression tips - surf coaching



Surf coach Gee says it better than I can… it’s all about the bottom turn baby!

 So with the right surfboard for my level under my arm, I’m going into 2020 fired up on what’s ahead. I got my vision board, I got my girls, my surf coach has made me aware of what to work on, I’m committed, and the sickest trip with the raddest women from all round the world in the Menatawais in locked in.


So are you with me in making 2020 the best year for your surf progression yet?

#IGotYou girl ♡ Let’s do this!


Want to know more about the Mentawais women’s boat trip with coaching? Have a read of the trip here or get in touch and we’ll send you the deets. But be quick because spaces are filling up fast!

Mentawais Boat trip


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