Living up on Thompson Pass in Alaska the last month taught me a few things:


  • You do not need many possessions to be comfortable
  • Two changes of clothes should cut it
  • There is a whole world of people living simply and these people are AWESOME
  • I’m not alone in my absolutely mental quest to chase powder until the late spring
  • If it’s broke, you should try and fix it
  • When faced with being cold, you get pretty good at making fires!


The vanlife set-ups, 5 wheelers, school bus conversions, tree houses, campers and mobile homes up here on Thompson Pass are impressive. It has opened my eyes up to so much, mostly that you really don’t need all that shit you buy in cities to be comfortable. You can make do with so little, live off the grid, cheap and simply and travel the world… or in this case the good ol’ USA. I’m inspired beyond belief.


So here are a few examples of the vans, school bus conversions, truck canopies and mobile homes I saw up on Thompson Pass, winter camping this spring. I think Vanlife is for me… if you can make it work in the Alaskan snow, you can make it work anywhere!


school bus camper van conversion
This bus was decked out, note the extension on the roof for the bed. They even drove up with a snowmachine on the roof too. Legends!


Tiny Home Adventure sportsmobile van
This is Andrew Muse’s van. He is on the road filming the second series of his adventure show ‘Tiny Home Adventure’. The van is shweeeet! Check him out at @Andrew_muse on Insta


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live in a tree house
I was lucky enough to live in this tree house down the pass towards Valdez. Not ideal when you need the loo at night but amazing to wake up in the trees.


Treehouse living
The inside of the treehouse is sweet too. Get the fire cranking and it is too hot to sleep up stairs!


Tailgate Alaska
Some just do it the simple way with Cheerios!


van life sports mobile
This van has been converted to run off vegetable oil and has been on the road for over 10 years. Still going…


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school bus conversion
Another awesome school bus set up. This was also my home for a week or so.


Hydro hammock
The hydro hammock was a great accompaniment to the vanlife lifestyle. Just a hot bath swinging in a tree!


Tailgate Alaska
Some built their own hot tun outside of their campervan


Airstream conversion house
The airstream conversion is another good way to go.


Vanlife alaska
It just goes to show… with a bit of vision, determination and passion for being free and living outside, in Alaska…. why rent?



Hiya, I'm Alexa. Always on some sort of adventure! I'm excited to share my stories & introduce you to other rad women, also living the dream. I'm here to inspire you to do the same :-)


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