Surfboard breakdown of the World Tour surf girls.


It’s Women’s World Title day in Maui Hawaii and it’s three horse race between the three Australian’s Stephanie Gilmore, Sally Fitzgibbons and Tyler Wright with a small chance in there for Hawaiian Carissa Moore.

At time of writing, Steph Gilmore is out, Sally Fitzgibbons is out and Tyler Wright and Carissa Moore are still in. Tyler has to win the event to be World Champion and then have a surf-off against Steph Gilmore for the World Title. This has only ever happened once in the Junior World Championships – oh my god, how exciting!!


It is always interesting to see what the surfboards the professional surf girls are riding.


Here are the surfboards that the girls are surfing at Honolua Bay for this World Title in Maui.


Stephanie Gilmore surfboard, Courtney Conlogue surfboard, Johanne Defay surfboard:

What surfboard does Stepanie Gilmore surf


Carissa Moore Surfboard:

What surfboard does Carissa Moore surf



All photos courtesy of the ASP.

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