Energy Boosting Food for Athletes and Surfers

Ever have those days when you feel a slump in energy and motivation? Well, food and nutrition can often be a source of slumps in energy. Here are 6 energy-boosting food ideas that can help. It’s worth noting that if you repeatedly feel tired, you should go see a doctor and have your blood markers checked. 


Athletes and surfers are often at the pinnacle of fitness, yet no one is immune from suffering a dip in energy levels from time to time. Fortunately, eating the right food can be a solution to this. After all, we previously discussed that the right food can enhance your brainpower, just as the right food can boost your energy too. So if you need an energy increase you might want to consider eating more of the following:



Popeye was onto something with his spinach. Nutrition expert Valerie Goldstein told Men’s Health that a cup of spinach is loaded with magnesium, a vital mineral needed for energy production. In particular, magnesium activates the production of adenosine triphosphate, which is the fundamental unit of energy that drives the body’s cells. This, in turn, facilitates the creation of all the energy you need.

Bowl of spinach - energy boosting food
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Reader’s Digest lists nuts as energy-boosting food, as cashews, almonds, and hazelnuts are like spinach given how they contain high amounts of magnesium. However, one big difference is that bringing a pack of mixed nuts to your games or to the shore is much more convenient that spinach. Nuts are also high in fibre, which means they can help keep your blood sugar levels steady. Even better, they’re high in protein, which helps stave off hunger for longer and acts as a good post-workout snack to start rebuilding muscle.

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For centuries, ginseng has been used to improve mental focus and boost energy. It has several types with Dr. Svetlana Stivi of Parsley Health noting that American ginseng is the most stimulating type. This is because it enhances our adrenal glands and serves as an adrenal adaptogen that can help regulate the metabolism, enhance stress resistance, and stimulate the mind and body. Long-term use, though, isn’t ideal as it can worsen insomnia, so don’t consume too often.

ginseng root
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A Men’s Journal list of energy boosting tips recommends munching on berries of any kind. That’s because these fruits contain what’s called anthocyanins. These are compounds most known for their anti-cancer properties, as well as being antioxidants. They are also effective and delicious energy boosters that can give you a leg up in any game or surfing session.

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Beetroot juice

More and more elite athletes are drinking beetroot juice to enhance performance — and for good reason. Beetroot contains lots of nitrate. Once this nitrate enters the body, it is converted to nitric oxide, which increases both blood flow and oxygen delivery. This, in turn, strengthens muscle contraction and delays fatigue, thereby boosting athletic performance. So, drink about 500 mL of freshly squeezed beetroot juice if you want to play better or surf longer.

Beetroot juice - food for energy
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Like ginseng, ashwagandha is an adaptogen. This means it has the same benefits as ginseng. Ashwagandha supplements are widely available in Australia, though you might want to get the actual plant and try out some ashwagandha tea. Aside from an energy boost, ashwagandha also keeps your blood sugar levels even, improves heart health, reduces stress, boosts immunity, and enhances muscle building. Just a reminder, though: Ashwagandha is a potent herbal medicine, so it is best to take it in moderation.


That’s it folks. 6 foods that you can add to your meals or drinks for more energy. As said in the intro though, if you are suffering from consistent slumps in energy it would be advised to go and see a doctor an have a check-up.

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