What to eat for luscious, surfer girl hair


We all want surfer girl hair that’s healthy. Long, shiny, glistening locks. Hair that can withstand the beating of the sun and saltwater. Sure there are products you can use to strengthen your hair but, like your skin, what you feed your bodyfrom the inside will manifest on the outside.


Hair grows an average ¼ to ½ inch a month. This means that your current luscious locks are the result of your diet months and months ago. By eating more foods for healthy hair, you will see great results for your future tresses.


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Key nutrients for healthy hair include:


  • Protein
  • Omega 3
  • Iron
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Zinc and Selenium
  • Biotin – water soluble vitamin

Top 10 foods for healthy hair are:


1. Salmon

Salmon is rich omega-3 fatty acids. The body cannot make these omega-3 fatty acids so the best way to obtain them is through food. Salmon is also a high-quality protein source, full of vitamin B-12, vitamin D and iron – all nutrients needed for healthy hair.

Other sources of omega-3s are walnuts, chai seeds, flaxseeds, mackrel, herring, halibut, sardines, black cod, artic char and trout.


salmon a great food for healthy hair



2. Eggs

Eggs are little power balls of nutrients and one of the best sources of protein you can find. They are rich in biotin, vitamin B-12, zinc, selenium and iron. This makes them one of the best foods you can eat for luscious locks.

Other sources of protein include poultry, lean red meats, fish, soybeans and low-fat dairy like yogurt and cottage cheese. 

Eggs are a great foods for healthy hair



3. Blueberries

Blueberries are often described as a superfood. That is because they are packed full of antioxidants and vitamin C. One serving of blueberries delivers 25 percent of your daily allowance. Vitamin C builds collagen which is important for hair growth.

Other great sources of vitamin C include capsicums (or bell peppers), strawberries, oranges, grapefruit, raspberries, broccoli, kale and brussel sprouts.

Eat Blueberries they are great food for healthy hair



4. Spinach

Did you know the cartoon character Pop-Eye was commissioned by the US Government to get America to eat more iron? That’s because iron is damn good for you and spinach is packed full of it. Iron helps transport oxygen around the body. Not having enough iron can cause anemia which is linked to hair loss.

Spinach is also full of vitamin E, flavonoids and antioxidants particularly beta-carotene, which has been shown to help fight many cancers including breast cancer.

Other great sources of iron include red meat,mussels, oysters, chicken liver, lentils and beans.

Spinach is a superfood full of iron and good for healthy hair



5. Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes are rich in vitamin A. Cells need vitamin A to function and healthy hair needs vitamin A to produce sebum, an oil secreted by the hair follicles to protect the hair from drying out. Plus, sweet potatoes are yummy so it’s all good!

Other foods rich in vitamin A are carrots, kale, butternut squash, peaches, papayas and mangos.

Sweet potato both yummy and great for healthy hair



6. Nuts

Almonds, walnuts, Brazil nuts, cashews and pistachios are all rich with omega-3 fatty acids, biotin, protein, vitamin E and selenium. All great for a healthy hair and sculpt. Vitamin E can help protect your hair from sun damage – just what our surfer girl hair needs when out in the ocean all day.

Other foods rich in vitamin E are tofu, spinach, sunflower seeds, avocado, broccoli and fish especially herring, salmon and rainbow trout. 

Other foods rich in biotin include Swiss chard, carrots, eggs, halibut, goats and cow’s milk and cauliflower.

Nuts are great for your healthy



7. Oysters

Known as an aphrodisiac these little jewels of the sea can also boost your hair’s sex appeal. Oysters are rich in zinc and protein as well as iron, selenium and vitamin B-12 (vitamin B-12 you may recognise, as it’s often added to shampoos to help boost the health of your hair). Many of these nutrients are linked to preventing hair loss as well as promoting hair growth.

Other foods rich in zinc include lentils, kidney beans, fortified cereals, whole grain breads, nuts, beef, low-fat yogurt and eggs.

Oysters are full of zinc - great for healthy hair



8. Greek Yogurt

Yogurt especially Greek yogurt is rich in protein, zinc, vitamin D and vitamin B-5. It packs a punch of goodness for strengthening your hair. Some people even use it in homemade hair masks!

Other options include cottage cheese, low-fat cheese. Skimmed milk also fits the bill. 

Greek yogurt is so good for you and healthy hair



9. Poultry

Poultry is a great source of protein as well as zinc and iron. As you hair is mostly made up of protein, healthy hair needs an excellent supply to keep a steady rate of growth. Poultry is a great source of protein as it contains the full range of amino acids needed to support growth of healthy hair and other body tissues.

Other sources of protein are eggs, lean red meats, soy beans and yogurt. 

poultry like chicken and turkey is a really healthy food



10. Lentils

Vegetarians who may not be getting enough protein are often advised to eat lentils as they are packed with protein. They are little bundles of goodness that also contain zinc, iron and biotin.

Other beans that are great for healthy hair are broad beans, kidney beans and soy beans.

Lentils are full of protein and great for healthy hair



I always like to eat fresh, living, local and colourful food. Food that contains a wide variety of different nutrients that our body needs for healthy muscles, our nervous system and all other functions. The above list is no way be taken as gospel, but more of an inspiration to eat better, be fitter and have that luscious, flowing, healthy surfer girl hair you have always wanted. Have a happy healthy summer! x



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