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In an effort to fight the boredom, stay strong, sane, and connected in these challenging times, we have searched the web for boredom-busters that you can do at home. From yoga, to workouts, baking to gardening, take your pick from the below activities & we’ll see you each day on the Facebook Group to cheer you along and share more ideas. 



How to do the Still Stoked Boredom-Buster? 

All you have to do is choose one activity from any of the below categories. Try to do at least once a day, and if you’re super into it, choose another from more than one category. But don’t feel like at this time, you have to do anything. Napping is after all an activity!

Still Stoked Challenge Categories


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Healthy Recipes – Pick one & have fun!

Below you will find a mix of delicious baking, cooking and drink recipes that we recommend. Like the creative and inspiration activities, cooking and baking are therapeutic in the way that you are single-minded focused on what you are doing, like meditation. The bonus is you get to enjoy the fruits of you labour in a delicious meal or treat afterwards!

These are obviously just a few ideas that we have come across – Please help us add to this list by sharing any ideas below in the comments. What are your favourite healthy recipes?


#1 Make a Nourishing Turmeric Latte aka Golden Milk

I adore making turmeric lattes for the soothing quality of a hot mug of tea but ore importantly, I relish the amazing antioxidant benefits of turmeric. When I am injured or have any inflammation, I always make sure I am getting turmeric in my diet. Add Manuka honey or Hanah One for additional heal benefits.



#2 Make an Indonesian Gado Gado salad

For those of you that have spent time in Indonesia, the vegetarian street food favourite Gado Gado will be a meal you won’t have forgotten. Super easy to make and tasty packing a punch of nutrition, this is a good recipe to have up your sleeve.



#3 Make an at-home Acai Bowl or Smoothie Bowl

One of my favourite things to do post-surf is going for an Acai smoothie bowl. They are so easy to make at home.



#4 Make Protein Ball healthy snacks

We also have a delicious recipe for protein balls that used a mix of different types of nuts which is a skin-track mountaineering favourite of ours. There is really no wrong way to make these. Have a base of ‘date-paste’ and add whatever.



#5 Make a Thai Green Curry

Another dish that is good to have in your arsenal especially when you have friends over for dinner.



#6 Make a frittata – also great to eat as leftovers

High in protein and will keep in the fridge for days. I add turmeric to mine – another way to get this healthy spice into my diet.



#7 Make Kombucha

I have been making kombucha at home for the past few months. It is quite the process but well worth it as the health benefits of kombucha are amazing. First off you will need a scoby (a Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast). If you have any friends that make Kombucha grab one off them as every batch of Kombucha they make, the scoby will double. If you can’t get your hands on one, you will need to make your own kombucha scoby.

Once you have a scoby, you can start the first fermentation process of making kombucha which is to make a sugary tea using spring water (do not use tap water as all the chemicals added to tap water will kill the scoby!). After a week to two weeks, you kombucha will be ready to drink or if you chose, ready for flavouring and a second fermentation that will add bubbles and fizz.




#8 Bake some sourdough bread

This one has been on our list. Another healthy fermented food.



#9 Make Sauerkraut probiotic

While we are on the fermented food topic… this is a great one that will keep in the fridge for ages.



#10 Make a delicious Indian Dahl 

Made predominately from Lentils, this Indian staple dish is comforting, nutritious and really filling. It also keeps in the fridge. We add fried tofu to ours.



#11 Try your hand at making Naan Bread

Nann bread goes great with the above Dahl curry! We love adding garlic and butter to ours!



#12 Bake blueberry and oatmeal muffins

Blueberry muffins. Nothing more to say really!



#13 Make this delicious raw rainbow Phad Thai

This is a yummy raw vegan Pad Thai Spicy Sesame Salad. This recipe from Oh She Glows has also been recommended by one of our Still Stoked writers who is a nutritionist.



#14 Make Chia Pudding

Ohhhh we lurveeeee chia pudding. Warning: It will ferment if you leave it in the fridge too long! Don’t do this. It’s not good!



#15 Make a delicious bone broth

Warning this will stink out your house but it is so so good for you, especially if you are injured. We have written heaps about the benefits of bone broth. Remember to use bones from a butcher and make sure they are grass-fed animal bones. You want to get the highest quality bones you can. 



Thanks Tribe – keep the recipe ideas coming in the comments below and we will keep adding to this list. Stay strong xxx

We’ll see you on the Still Stoked Tribe page & don’t forget to subscribe to the Tribe to get your free Still Stoked Magazine and all the goodies sent to your inbox every fortnight.
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