Following on from our great interview with pro snowboarder Silvia Mittermüller on her GMO-free, mindful vegetarian diet, Silvia shared a few of her fav recipes with us. One of her go-meals in addition to her pumpkin soup is her YOLO sandwich recipe that she coined the YOLOwich! It is a creative way to get more veggies into your diet: half omelette, half veggies and egg on toast!  YUM!


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How to make the YOLOwich by Silvia Mittermüller:



It’s a sandwich that contains pretty much everything I have in that moment. So its ingredients are constantly changing, but the base is always the same:

  • Good bread
  • 1x egg
  • Any and every vegetable I have: let’s say onion, garlic, zucchini, carotte, broccoli, beetroot and so on



  • Chop up all your veggies
  • Fry them as long as needed
  • Put all the cooked veggies on a plate to the side
  • Then crack the egg into the pan and right away throw all the veggies onto the egg (if you make this for more people – 1 egg per person).
  • Squeeze the veggies a bit into the egg so it sticks
  • Flip it so that you cook both sides
  • In the meantime put whatever you have and want on your (toasted) bread – avocado, hummus or mustard for example
  • Then the egg-veggie pattie goes on top and maybe some more greens and definitely a sprinkle of olive oil and balsamic.


To eat at home I don’t add a second piece of bread, but just attack the yolo mountain with fork and knife. If I take this on the mountain I add a second slice of bread on the top and wrap it in aluminium foil (shouldn’t use it but I havent found anything else that keeps the yolowitch together the same nicely). I think this one tastes better hot at home, but it’s also a way better mountain snack in the cold than anything you can buy on the mountain, once your taste buds have gotten used to healthy reality from clean health food ;)


Healthy sandwich recipe
And there you have it, the YOLOwich. A mountain of veggie goodness hiding a slice of yummy bread!


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THANKS SILVIA!! This is a great alternative to the veggie omelettes that I practically live off!  For more great recipes from professional athletes check out our recipe section.


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