Silvia Mittermüller is a pro snowboarder from Germany that maintains a super healthy, GMO-free, clean, vegetarian diet. She shared her thoughts on the importance of maintaining a mindful, conscious and healthy diet on a previous post Be A Good Human – Silvia Mittermüller on her clean, GMO-free diet. This pumpkin soup recipe is one of the recipes that she shared with us as part of that post.


Thanks for the inspiration and insight into your athlete diet Silvia x


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Delicious pumpkin soup recipe
Delicious pumpkin soup recipe


Silvia Mittermüller’s organic pumpkin soup recipe:



  • A large piece of organic pumpkin, de-seeded
  • 2x organic carrots
  • 1x organic potato
  • Spices to taste: parsley, turmeric, cumin, coriander, salt and pepper are all great additions.
  • 1x vegan broth cube
  • Optional beetroot





  • Chop up the pumpkin, carrots and potato and put them in a big pot with barely enough water to cover it.
  • Add the spices and/or a organic vegan broth cube.
  • Let it cook until all the vegetables are soft, then squish it all manually with that soup-squishing-tool (stick blender!) or blend it with a electric blending machine.
  • Serve with some good bread
  • If you want it to look fancy sprinkle some pepper or chopped up greens over the top.


Ps: You can also add some beetroot to this and the entire pumpkin soup recipe will turn purple.


Pumpkin soup recipe with beetroot
The beetroot version :-)

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