Travis Rice talks about fitness and longevity in snowboarding


Snowboarder Travis Rice is one of, if not the best snowboarder in the world. Known for his film work with Red Bull Media House and Brain Farm to produce arguably the best snowboard movies of recent years: That’s It That’s All, The Art of Flight and more recently The Fourth Phase.


Travis Rice is an ambassador for Ayurvedic superfood HANAH ONE


Like surfer Kelly Slater who shares much of his trial and error with maintaining a healthy diet, Travis has become increasingly interested in looking after his body so he can maintain his high level of performance for many years to come. Although some people regard snowboarding as a lifestyle and not a sport, he notes that the athletes who show an interest in this space, are the ones going far.


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The people that are actually doing the work, are the ones excelling.


Travis Rice is 32 years old and takes some big beatings off monster jumps. He works hard. A typical day in the backcountry will involve hiking, digging, riding, hucking off cliffs and huge jumps, and no doubt falling from big heights. The toll on his body is significant and at 32, he will be feeling those aches and pains more and more. He started to make active changes to his lifestyle from the age of 25, noting the difference this has made to his lack of injuries and recovery time. Travis has been trying to spread the good word on proper body mechanics and functional strength for snowboarding.


I love snowboarding but I want to be healthy and happy when I get old. I think art of that is doing the work.


Like 40 year old big-mountain snowboarder Jeremy Jones, Travis is now looking for longevity as an athlete. In this 45 minute Goggle hangout interview with Kelly Starrett, Travis Rice talks about his daily routine and methods to stay on top of his game.


Kelly Starrett is a former professional whitewater kayaker, the founder of San Francisco Crossfit, elite athlete trainer and physical therapist. Travis Rice repeatedly links to his YouTube channel and WOD website to share best practice tips and work out videos.


Travis Rice diet


Some of the key methods Travis Rice uses sustaining his body when snowboarding including:


  • The importance of hydration – one of his biggest focuses in order to lubricate muscles, have faster recovery and be more flexible.
  • His daily 10 minute yoga practice first thing, when waking up (Travis Rice does jivamukti yoga)
  • Controlled breathing and diaphragm function (Kelly Starrett stressing how this helps with injury)
  • Active isolated stretching (AIS) – something he started at 18 years old and does as part of his daily recovery routine.
  • Rolling out the fascia of your muscles first thing in the morning and after riding.
  • How surfing is helping his bad posture by opening up his shoulders.
  • Being knowledgeable about nutrition and maintaining a good diet full of nutrients (he eats organic food and not too much red meat).
  • Making time to see regular therapists and having deep tissue work, acupuncture, physio, active release technique (A-R-T), dry needling and seeing chiropractors when needed. This is a top priority of where he spends his money (on things that sustain him).
  • The importance of maintaining a strong core, practicing pilates to overcome back pain.
  • How having an active childhood as a sports player (soccer and ice hockey), gave him a large aerobic capacity that has helped sustain this fitness to a later age.
  • Pre-season training – he works for 6-7 weeks before the season sometimes working with people, sometimes by himself.
  • The importance of keeping lean as the impact of extra weight on his body puts increased forces through his joints (he is a big guy).
  • How to fall and the importance of maintaining momentum and doing the ‘tuck and roll’.  He notes he static landings are the ones likely to cause injuries.
  • Taking daily vitamin supplements but being knowledgable in the quality difference between supplement suppliers. Vitamin C is key focus, as is protein recovery.
  • Using the Ayurvedic superfood suppliment HANAH ONE as part of his daily diet and routine.

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Staying emotionally attached to what I do, keeps me passionate. I am totally committed to exploring the creativity in it (snowboarding).




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