Slopestyle Olympian and X Games medalist Anna Segal and her Freeride World Tour big mountain skiing sister Nat Segal, together with filmmaker Bjarne Salén, have launched a month long Kickstarter campaign for their documentary Finding the Line, an exposé on fear.



Finding the Line is an action sports film with a strong narrative that explores a topic that impacts every human. Fear.


The film is about challenge, taking risk and putting yourself out there in order to rise to your best. We have to overcome any fears of failure if we want to make this film happen.

-Film maker Bjarne Salen

Finding The line by Anna Segal and Nat Segal




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The film will use skiing as a means to discuss fear in both actions as well as everyday life. Following the sisters twelve month journey, it will explore how fear can affect people both negatively and positively, as well as encourage those who are held back by fear to better understand this emotion.  Finding The Line will draw on knowledge and experience from a range of experts, such as psychologists, professional athletes, business gurus and medical professors, whom all approach the idea of fear from different angles.


Supporters of the film will not only benefit from the many rewards on offer (from sponsors such as Whistler Blackcomb, K2 Skis, Oyuki, Bolle, Lululemon, Dakine, Goal Zero etc), but also from knowing they are supporting women in sports and the film in the process. Funds from the Kickstarter will be used for production of this important film.


The Kickstarter launched on November 1st, 2016 and will give the team one month to make it to their target. If the $25,000 USD ($35,000 AUD) goal is not reached, the project receives $0 funding.


Please support these great girls trying to tell as story worth telling!


Support Finding The Line


Anna and Nat were born in Melbourne, Australia. Despite growing up in the city, these sisters are mountain lovers at heart. The duo were introduced to skiing by their parents at a young age and began competing in downhill and moguls as soon as their mum would register them!


Finding The line by Anna Seagal and Nat Segal
Photo Teddy Laycock


Good luck girls!

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