Yey. It’s tax return time!


I’m not having the best time at the moment. Life’s dishing out lemons and I’m just chucking them on the ground, staring blankly at the mess. Just this week I got an advertising brief targeted at women having a ‘bit older than a quarter life crisis’. Holy fuck, that’s me! I’m the target audience. Penny dropped. I found comfort in the fact that other girls are going through this, enough to warrant an advertising campaign at least. Awesome. It was also a travel brief… Mmmm travel. Travel is always the solution. I digress.


So sat in my mess of lemons having my ‘bit more than a quarter life crisis’, I’ve been secretly looking forward to the end of the tax year. Each year my amazing accountant looks at my spending (working in media you spend on media), and finds me some money. Surprise! Here’s some cash! Winning.


Like most years, I know exactly what I’m spending mine on… I have a pretty serious addiction that’s ruining or enhancing my life, depending on what side of the quarter life crisis you sit (the image of this post is probably a good hint.. mmm heli fuel!). If you’re lucky enough to get a tax return and don’t feel like putting it towards a house you’ll probably never be able to afford or pay off, then here’s some awesome ideas your parents and responsible friends will love you for. Promise.

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5 Awesome things to spend all your tax return money on


1. New toys


You can never have enough toys. Of course you need a new surfboard, camera, skis, a full suspension mountain bike, a small high performance canopy. You’ve done 1000 jumps, why not get the wingsuit or the BASE rig… New toys make you happy while providing infinite fun options. If in doubt spend your tax return on a new toy.



2. A one way ticket (ok, you’re also allowed to buy a return)


Where have you not travelled to that you have always wanted to visit? What is the place that first comes to mind? Now ask yourself why you haven’t been? What is holding you back. Travel is the only thing you can spend money on that makes you richer. Invest in yourself by collecting experiences and not things.



3. A new skill (note this may require a new toy)


Have you always wanted to learn to skydive or learn to surf? So do it. Stop making excuses and start making plans to make it happen. You don’t need a friend to do it with you. Go online now, look up courses and book it. I booked my skydiving licsense the day before. It wasn’t he best idea for me at the time as I wrote about in the post learning new skills to pull you out of an emotional funk (the first arrivals of said lemons), but at least I went and did it. You should too. YOLO.



4. A career changing course


On average you change careers five to seven times in your lifetime. Like with travel, there is no better thing to spend your money on then developing yourself and skills. If you have always wanted to become a ski guide, a yoga instructor, a website designer, or set up your own business, why not go do a course that kickstarts you on that path? Become a scuba diving instructor. Go work on the boats and travel the world while getting paid (good money). Sign yourself up for a course and think about taking the next step towards doing the one thing you have always dreamt of. Taking that next step into the unknown is terrifying but it is also deeply rewarding. Don’t waste your life wondering what if.

Elsie Nielsen did exactly this starting her own business, Niseko photography in Japan. Her story will inspire you so check it out.



5. A new experience that is probably really expensive


Rad things aren’t cheap. I know this because I’m addicted to helicopter access snowboarding in far flung northern destinations. Oups… yup, there goes all my money. It’s OK though because it is the greatest thing in the world and I have no regrets. There are some incredible experiences that you can book right now today, if you wanted to. Go to Everest, surf the Maldives on a luxury boat, hike the haute route from Chamonix to Zermatt, ski tour on the south pole, scuba dive all over the barrier reef. The only thing limiting you is your imagination, fear and maybe your bank balance… but you just got a tax return so that’s like free money for fun stuff!


Here are some awesome trips I recommend:


Disclaimer: If you do any of the above you will have extreme amounts of fun. You may also piss a few people off but this likely to be more a reflection of the dissatisfaction they have with their own choices rather then you making mistakes with yours. Do things that make you happy #YOLO


Spend your tax return money on things that make you happy



Got any more ideas or recommendation for adventures? Tell us in the comments below and share the love :-)



Hiya, I'm Alexa. Always on some sort of adventure! I'm excited to share my stories & introduce you to other rad women, also living the dream. I'm here to inspire you to do the same :-)


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