13 Best Women’s Surf, Snow & Adventure Short Films

Stuck at home in quarantine over the Coronavirus and need some inspiring viewing? We put our heads together for a playlist of the best women’s surf films to get you through these interesting times. Comment below with links to any women’s surf films you think should be on this list!


If you ever needed an excuse to sit down and watch the best women’s surf films that are free to watch online, being told to stay home during the current Coronavirus outbreak is probably a good one. Hopefully, the internet stays good enough to enjoy these 13 awesome short films. Some from recent months, some dating all the way back to 2012. Although there are not nearly enough women’s surf films being made, we are seeing an increase which is great. 


#1 Salty Women

Sydney Photographer Mark Morgan decided he wanted to make a film to convey the spirt and joy women bring to the surfing line up. After spending a lot of the time bopping in the water with his camera, he knows that women definitely add a different dynamic which makes surfing more fun. Particularly in the longboard discipline.

Friends and couples are made on the ocean. I know people who have been married from meeting on the water. Women can also surf aggressively and with so much courage, but still with amazing beauty and grace. Women are equals in the ocean. Mark really wanted to capture all of this in motion! So the project Salty Women was born.



#2 Way North

Blue skies or pouring rain, on the mountain or in the water, Aline Bock and Lena Stoffel had unforgettable moments on their “Way North“. A Journey in an RV full of surfboards, skis, snowboards, splitboards and SUP (stand up paddle boards) boards.

“We didn’t know what conditions awaited us, but Lena and I, we have this incredible passion for snow and waves and we wanted to combine both during one trip to the ‘Lofoten’ islands of Norway“, said athlete Aline Bock. Back home now and the two of them have not only captured a lot of shots for a stunning movie, but also the certainty of returning to this incredible place.



#3 The Electric Acid Surfboard Test Starring Stephanie Gilmore 

Here is 32 minutes of some of the most stylish surfing you will ever see.

The Electric Acid Surfboard Test 2019, starring The Queen, 7x World Champ, and Stab’s Surfer of the Year—Miss Stephanie Louise Gilmore. Shot in Mozambique, and filmed by Stab’s dangerous arsenal of lensman Dylan Roberts, Tom Jennings, and Sam Moody, with Alan Van Gysen capturing all the still-life beauty along the way. 



#4 Voices For The Ocean

We protect what we love. Between the waves they shared on a recent Sumbawa trip, Belinda Baggs, Liz Clark and Moona Whyte also had an opportunity to share how their lives as surfers have led them to a life of committed activism. We can all speak out for change—and for some of us, the ocean is where we find our voice. Head to Patagonia Action Works to connect with a cause near you.



#5 Atoll Odyssey – Laura Enever, Alessa Quizon, & Isabella Nichols discovering the Maldives

It’s a strange feeling to be adrift in the middle of nowhere. The sky above us, our boards below us, alone in the empty calm of the Indian Ocean, we imagined ourselves explorers seeking new horizons. Like modern-day Magellans, only with bikinis and surfboards. This is how people must have felt before there were maps: boundless and free.

We didn’t discover this place, but it’s our greatest discovery. It’s a strange feeling to be adrift in the middle of nowhere, but this is one odyssey that feels like coming home



#6 XO Coco Ho Documentary – A Look at The Famous Surfer’s Career

Dive into the colorful story of female surfer Coco Ho from Oahu’s North Shore and learn how she got started surfing, her rich surfing family history, ups and downs on the Championship Tour, and everything in between. Including exclusive interviews with brother, Mason Ho, father, Michael Ho, and world champion surfers John John Florence and Stephanie Gilmore.



#7 Luna

ONDE NOSTRE in collaboration with SEEA presents Leah Dawson sliding, singing and performing in LUNAR. Seea babe Leah is balanced by earth and charged with energy by water, she is a solar creature influenced by moon power, like the sea.



#8 Sage Erickson, Macy Callaghan, Laura Enever, and Hannah Bennett explore Fiji’s overlooked coastline

Whether you’re a tad frightened by well-overhead Cloudbreak (it’s okay, most of us are) and want something more playful, simply want to avoid fighting a densely packed crowd for waves, or simply want to explore a bit of Fiji’s islands beyond the ocean this small film shows some of Fiji’s finest offerings. Watch Fiji, Actually above. A little journey into what Fiji has to offer beyond your surf-focused Instagram feed.



#9 Stephanie Gilmore – The Tempest.

By Morgan Maassen. The Tempest is here. It’s hard to go past Indonesia for a strike mission in the middle of the liturgical year. We scoured the archipelago from the comfort of our office chairs in search of a wave that compliments Steph’s particular set of skills. Steph was after “cute slabs” – the definition of which you’ll discover in due course—and while we weren’t blessed with days of waves, the one day of money was well worth the wait, and near-death experience of the boat ride back to base.



#10 Catch It

This award winning film profiles surfer Léa Brassy, who grew up in northern France. By the time she was 17, she moved to southern France for the warm water surf. Accustomed to a life on the road, her nomadic lifestyle takes a pause at the Unstad break in the Lofoten Islands in Northern Norway. Trading in her bikini for a thick wetsuit, she connects with the surrounding mountains, Arctic surf, and simple living. Whether it’s paddling hard for a wave, or chasing after a passion – Léa reminds us that if the timing is right, we have to Catch It.



#11 To Surf…With Love, Laura Enever

“You taught me to feel. Feel excitement and fear. Wonder. Joy. Feel time stop. You’ve shown me beauty. Beauty in challenge. Simplicity. And Wild In the world … I feel right at home. I think its love” -Laura Enever


And of course…


#12 Leave A Message

An old one from 2012. Nike 6.0 presents this latest film project, the film Leave A Message, starring only the new generation of woman athletes who want to create and innovative visions of the new limits of the category. The group of talented grils includes surfers Carissa Moore (Hawaii), Lakey Peterson (USA), Laura Enever (Australia), Coco Ho (Hawaii), Byrne-Wickey Monyca (Hawaii) and Malia Manuel (Hawaii). In the breathtaking scenery as Australia, California, Hawaii and Mexico, the new generation reveals what’s behind the world circuit in the air show and tubes.



#13 Imogen Caldwell by Morgan Maassen

Imogen is a 23 year old woman from Red Bluff, Western Australia – one of the remotest regions I’ve ever traveled to, known for its abundance of perfect waves, Outback dust and treacherous wildlife. Over the course of a year, our adventures took us from her homebreak to the icebergs of Iceland, forests of France and the jungles of Indonesia.



We hope you enjoyed all these amazing films. If there are any we have missed, make sure you let us know in the comments below. Happy watching!

Cover photo of Belinda Baggs by Patagonia.


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