The CURMS Longsleeve Surf Wear is Your New Favorite Piece of Clothing

When fashion meets function meets sustainability the result is CURMS. USe code stillstokedxcurms10 for 10% off.


In my life there are two types of swimwear; functional surf wear and fashionable bikinis. I almost always have a “cute” bikini tucked into my beach bag for after surfing as well as a “surf” bikini for in the water. The CURMS Longsleeve surf wear checks both boxes, better than I expected. 


CURMS Surfwear
The most comfortable surf wear I have ever put on.


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The CURMS Personal Touch

The first thing I noticed was the packaging. It was so thoughtful, a hand written note, stickers and even a beautiful hand woven bag (that is now my toiletry bag) which held my new surf wear. Of course this makes sense because every piece of CURMS is individually hand made by a woman named Carmen from the Netherlands and man named Pak Barnawi from Indonesia. I was even more delighted when I pulled out my new CURMS Longsleeve to give it a good look. 


CURMS surf Bikini
Putting my surf wear to the test on the South Shore of Oahu


Texture and Sustainability 

It was silky soft! I was surprised since I knew this surfwear is made from regenerated nylon fiber from pre and post-consumer waste, such as fishnets and other end-of-life nylon materials. It seemed like the recycled fabric actually made it feel even better. 


Ikat CURMS surfwear



My first opportunity to wear my new CURMS was on a sunset catamaran cruise in the Honolulu bay. I would have normally packed a “cute” bikini for this type of occasion but had accidently left my bag at home and had to make due with what was in my car. CURMS to the rescue! 


Curms surf wear
From the surf to a sunset sail. I found myself warm under a cloudy sky, cool in the beating sun, comfortable in overhead surf and feeling cute on a catamaran.



The textile is so unique! It is a traditional Indonesian ikat. According to google ikat is “fabric made using an Indonesian decorative technique in which warp or weft threads, or both, are tie-dyed before weaving.” This type of textile is incredibly labor intensive. Each fabric sheet is made individually, making it a true piece of craftsmanship. And it shows.  It is absolutely gorgeous! As such, you can tell extreme care was given to the fabrication process. The seems were tight, the stitching perfect. This surf suit is exceptionally high quality. 


CURMS one Piece
Exceptionally functional surf wear! It stays on and keeps you at the perfect temperature.


I felt so comfortable and cute in my new swimwear that I actually just threw shorts over it and wore it to happy hour after my catamaran cruise. You wouldn’t believe how many complements I got on it and everyone was shocked when I told them it was actually a surf suit!


CURMS Swimwear for surfers
So cute and comfy I actually wore it to happy hour!



The most important aspect of any surf wear is obviously, how it holds up in the waves. I put the CURMS Longsleeve to the test on the South Shore of Oahu on a well overhead day.

Here are the things it did NOT do: ride up my butt, slide off my shoulders, fill up with water, cause a rash. 

Here is what it did do: Stayed on, kept me the perfect temperature (not too hot or cold), protected me from the sun, provided a little protection for my ribs.


Sigal Kruithof Curms
CURMS has a whole line of surf bikinis and yoga wear too.


Honestly, there is nothing more I could have asked for. I am traditionally a minimal coverage surfer. But I think the CURMS Longsleeve has converted me! I loved how I felt comfortable and still cute. Even when I got out of the water I didn’t want to take it off. It’s truly the most comfortable piece of clothing I’ve ever worn. And that is saying a lot for swimwear!


CURMS Lowrise Longsleeve. $138 USD. Use discount code stillstokedxcurms10 to save %10 SHOP NOW


Other Options

CURMS has a whole line of sustainable “Happykinis” on their website. All of them are made by hand with the craftsmanship of the ikat weaving process. They are all designed to stay on in the surf.


CURMS Surf Bikini
The CURMS Classic Top and Classic Bottom are just that. Sustainable, fashionable surf bikinis that stay on.


Use discount code stillstokedxcurms10 to get 10% off at checkout! SHOP NOW

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I am a writer and wanna-be big wave surfer. Surfing is my muse. I write about it and how it’s teaching me to live better. I hold certification as a nutritionist, personal trainer, yoga instructor, and lifeguard instructor. My story “100 Days in Mexico” of how a solo road trip surfing my way through Mexico changed my life can be found here


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