“Kelly Slater says you have to surf all types of waves to improve”


Two hilarious British chicks with more stoke then sense (their words not mine!), set out to surf no matter what. After all, the legend Kelly Slater himself said you have to surf all kinds of waves to get good. What better motivation then King Kelly to get your arse out of bed in the cold British winter. Since starting the project a few year’s ago, the girls Hannah Bristow and Dannie Maclegend have completed 5 episodes of their surf adventures. They’re pretty funny chicks (that good ole British humour), and you can definitely see their surfing progress throughout the videos. Goes to show, you should get out there no matter what the conditions… all kinds of waves will make you a better surfer.


Kelly Says Surf
Pretty funny chicks Hannah and Dannie!


We caught up with Hannah to hear a bit more about their series Kelly Says Surf…


We started the whole idea for “Kelly Says…” a few years ago now. Myself and Dannie (a pint sized Scottish frother) got the idea on a crap winter’s day in Newquay (UK) when we couldn’t be bothered to surf the 1ft onshore mush in freezing temperatures. That day someone said to us “Kelly Slater says you have to surf all types of waves to improve”. Though I guess that’s easy for him to say when his local break growing up was Coco Beach, Florida not Skegness, UK! So we thought if we filmed ourselves surfing everyday through the UK winter that it might motivate us to get in the water everyday. As we were filming, we realised we weren’t getting footage en-par with Kelly Slater, so we started focusing on the funny side of surfing. At the end of the long, cold winter, we had a load of random footage. I put it together in an edit and asked Dannie about setting up a “living room” on the beach, which features in each episode. We put it online and thought no one would watch (except for our mums) but people seemed to love watching us wipeout and freeze our butts off!


“You don’t have to look like a super model to have a great time out in the water. It’s for everyone!” 


Kelly Says Surf
Cold and windy… but dedicated.

Since the first episode, we’ve filmed in Scotland, France, Tenerife and our latest episode in Australia. People write to us to say how our videos motivate them to surf when the waves are crap. That makes our day as it feels like we’re spreading the surf stoke! I guess we’re just trying to show the real life side to surfing through British winter, surf trips and also a different angle on women’s surfing. You don’t have to look like a super model to have a great time out in the water. It’s for everyone!  Hopefully it’s just brings a bit of fun back to surfing videos and also makes you laugh!

Kelly Says…Episode 1 – A Winters Tale In Newquay



Kelly Says…Episode 2 – Go French



Kelly Says…Episode 3 – Och Aye



Kelly Says…Episode 4 – When The Gloves Come Off



Kelly Says…Episode 5 – Down Under



Find out more about Kelly Says on their website kellysayssurf.com or follow their surf adventures on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.



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