Four professional female kiteboarders chase wind along the Columbia River Gorge.


“With a positive attitude and support from your friends, every day on the water is a good day”


A wind chasing adventure

Where the Wind Blows is a women’s kiteboarding web series, telling the story of four diverse professional kiteboarders, who despite their exotic winter adventures, find their way back to the Gorge each summer. Their friendship, passion for kiteboarding and sustaining their health connects them in a way that will inspire all viewers. The Oregon summer experience is a multidimensional story that is rich in wholesome food, beautiful scenery, and great adventures. Join us as we follow Colleen Carroll, Lindsay McClure, Laura Mayer and Sensi Graves through the rich fabric of the Columbia River Basin, Oregon Coast and beyond.


“Sometimes it is easy to make excuses when the conditions are really tough and that’s why I like kiting with other people who have the same mentality that they are going to go for it”


Where The Wind Blows – Episode 1:



Where The Wind Blows – Episode 2:



Where The Wind Blows – Episode 3: 

Check out the website Where The Wind Blows for more info on this women’s kiteboarding webseries.



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