The Suzuki Nine Queens is an exciting media event that happens each year in Austria. It brings together some of the world’s best freeskiers and snowboarders, as well as, photographers and film makers, for a week long super session that offers extraordinary shooting and riding options (here’s a few photos and videos from last year when Jamie Anderson put down a 1080!).


This year, snowboarder Birgit Rofner is competing and offered to give us updates of her experience through the week… good luck Birgit and thanks for the inside scoop of what is sure to be another incredible year at Nine Queens!


Nine Queens snowboard
Birgit Rofner sending it high above the castle on day one practice.



So Sunday was the arrival day of all the queens. Some of them arrived early including me, so we went up to the castle to check it out. We had to take up the gondola first and then a chairlift. So the castle is in the middle of the ski resort in Serfaus. When we first time saw the beautiful chateau we all freaked out like we won a million dollars because it’s absolutely the best thing ever built in women snowboarding history!


The size of the jumps


It was flatlight all day, so I kind of didn’t even imagine hitting the jump. All the skier chicks just went for it. Katie Summerhayes even did a 10 after doing some straight airs and 3s. I gotta say all the skiers are crazy!! I’m so impressed!


Nine Queens
The sun came out!



My roomie Sarka Pancochova was the first snowboarder to try the jump. Holy cow, she’s so good! Also Hailey Langland. She’s only 15 and has in my opinion the best style in the world.


Rocking our Austrian national dress


At night the village “Ladis” which is just next to Serfaus invited us to a nice dinner. One of the presents we got here is an Austrian traditional dress called “Dirndl”. As an Austrian Queen, I am used wearing them but for the others it was hours of pain cause the dress is super tight and it makes your boobs look 2 sizes bigger. Good for the boys though! The food was amazing. They even had traditional live music playing.


Today, Monday after breakfast the GoPro guys gave us a little workshop on how the camera actually works, which was good cause I already struggle by forgetting to plug the memory card in. Another present was the new GoPro….Ahhh so many cool presents!


Looking good ladies :-)

We went up to the restaurant where we had food again and then went to the castle in the afternoon. What we pretty much do most of the time is eating. Two years ago at the Nine Queens we started using the hashtag #9bitches so this year it turned out to be #9fatbitches as they won’t stop feeding us!
The first proper session was amazing!!!! When I first time hit the jump I almost pissed myself. That’s how scared I was. But it’s of course, the best jump I have ever done in my whole life. We were riding until like 5pm and then went down the mountain, checked out the footage, had some pizza, got some physio and already feeling it for tomorrow’s session.
For sure a lot will happen this week. The girls already killed it on the first day. Stay tuned!!!


THANKS Birgit!! Good luck to you and all the girls!


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