It’s that time of year!


Your Facebook newsfeed gets spammed with snowboard video parts. You discover friends that you didn’t even know liked snowboarding. They are sharing links YOU haven’t even seen yet with the caption “COME ON WINTER!“. Yep, we love this time of year!


A few awesome female snowboard video parts have been dropping lately. We put them all into one tidy post to reduce your video search frustration. Enjoy!



Christy Prior: Full snowboard video part

Christy is by far my favourite snowboarder of the moment. She packs bags and bags of style which is simply beautiful to watch. As another female snowboarder looking for inspiration from these video parts, it is the precision of her landings that stands out. Every trick is stomped. Every trick is huge. This NZ ripper has an incredibly bright future ahead of her in competitive freestyle snowboarding. Congrats on a sick edit Christy!



Helen Schettini: Full snowboard video part

Our favourite video part to date. How about that road gap banger the end!! And look out for her spinning frontside off her toes- that’s no easy feat! A serious amount of work goes into filming a video part like this. Helen worked damn hard last season and it has paid off. This video part is awesome (Come on Winter!).



Mary Rand: Full snowboard video part

Hailing from the East Coast of the USA, Mary drops a fierce street rail snowboard section that’s super technical and down-right gnarly.



Jess Kimura: Teaser for full part from Defenders of Awesome 2 – “Stay Bad Ass

Jess’s edit is really worth checking out. She always puts out a snowboard video part that is full of technical street riding and creative transitions between concrete and metal features. This year her part shows she can also throw down in the backcountry. It is a visual feast of hammers!

Transworld snowboarding are holding tight onto Jess Kimura’s full snowboard part so we couldn’t embed the video in this post. Make sure you check it out here as it is a banger.



Robin Van Gyn: Full snowboard video part

We posted about Robin’s powder-filled video part a few weeks ago in Robin Van Gyn: full snowboard part of powder, pillows and perfect lines. The girl rode A LOT of powder. This video part will make you want to go snowboarding immediately!



For more inspirational videos from women in snowboarding, surfing skydiving and more check out our video section.

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