In what may be the most progressive day of women’s skiing and snowboarding to date, the ladies at Nine Queens rode the hell out of the castle course, stomping switch 1080s, double rodeos and a plethora of 900s. Snowboarder Jamie Anderson (USA) made history when she landed a clean cab 1080 after putting down some solid 9s including a switch back 9. Spencer O’Brien (CAN) who has been throwing 9s in competition recently, also landed a series of front and backside 900s. In addition to Jamie and Spencer upping their game, Slovakian Klaudia Medlova totally stepped up to the plate, nailing a sweet backside double rodeo 900, after having tried only once before 5 years ago.

“I landed a decent Front 10 at Breckenridge last week, but wasn’t super stoked on my style. Sessionning Nine Queens at sunrise today was magic, and I felt inspired and fuelled by the pink sky insane mountain backdrop, and the sick castle jump! With the sun peaking at 7am I was down to do the 10! I stomped my second try and was definitely on cloud 9.” – Jamie Anderson


Jamie Anderson, Photo: David Malacrida



It wasn’t just the snowboarders who were putting down new tricks. British skier Katie Summerhayes stomped a 1080 Japan and nearly landed her first 1260. In addition to Katie, Silvia Bertagna (ITA) nailed a solid 720 blunt and a stylish 1080, and Lisa Zimmerman landed a switch right 1080 mute and a switch left 10 stale.

“I don’t know if it’s the course or the atmosphere that helps our progression, but they’re both amazing. A perfect jump like this and perfect conditions, then having all of the girls up there just pushing you, it’s something else. It’s so special.” – Katie Summerhayes


Snowboarder Spencer O'Brien at Nine Queens
Spencer O’Brien, Photo: David Malacrida



In addition to the progression sessions, the final big air event saw standout snowboarding from Kjersti Ostgaard-Buaas (NOR), Elena Könz (SUI), and Klaudia Medlova (ITA) who came first, second, and third respectively. Not to be outdone by the snowboarders, skier Lisa Zimmerman (GER) gave the crowd hit after hit, earning her first place for the 3rd straight year. Her style and consistency put her above Italian Silvia Bretagna in second and Swedish Emma Dahlstrom in third.


“All of the girls are just throwing down. We’re able to get creative on everything and it’s just so fun. I was so happy to land my tricks; it feels so good! I haven’t learned a new trick in a while so I’m stoked. It definitely feels awesome to be part of the progression of women’s snowboarding.” – Jamie Anderson


The Nine Queens Winners
The winners on the Podium, Photo: David Malacrida



Jamie Anderson’s 1080 VS. Klaudia Medlova double rodeo:



Nine Queens GoPro Course Preview with Kjersti Ostgaard-Buaas (NOR, snowboard) and Emma Dahlström (SWE, ski):



Contest action at the Suzuki Nine Queens 2015:

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