Unfortunately the weather forecast was lying a little, for two days. It was flatlight, snowy and windy. But that didn’t stop us of having a great day. We had a really fun rail session for 2 hours. The ski resort gave us sleds for the whole week to make as many runs as we could all day. That made us super tired though. I felt like going up and down 50 times. In the afternoon the hippie herself Chanelle Sladics offered to teach us some Yoga. I got asked to do another rail session so I missed out on the yoga which I was really gutted about. As soon as I got to the castle, they told us we had to hike after having a full session already. I think I only did it two times cause I was pretty bummed about missing yoga and my legs felt like chewing gum! By day 3 you could tell the girls were starting to get a little tired so Nico didn’t do any program for that evening. Only sweatpants and pizza.


Suzuki Nine Queens
Getting to play in the snow thanks to Suzuki


On Wednesday Suzuki asked me and Regi Rathgeb to film the Intro for the Nine Queens Video. They drove us to a cool place where we had to drive through a field with snow. I of course, got the car stuck. Not the best advertisement for Suzuki but it really was my fault… This does not mean I am a bad driver! The weather cleared up but it was windy so no jump session in the afternoon unfortunately. Only rails. We tried to get all the 18 Queens to hit the side feature. A couple went on the downrail, others on the double kink, a few over the rainbow and the rest on the down box. It was the longest train I’ve ever seen. It only took us a couple times to make it happen. You defiantly have to check out that video!


Jib Train at Nine Queens



So here we go Day 5: The Sunrise Shoot!


If you have never seen a mountain sunrise shoot, you can’t imagine how beautiful it was. It’s my favorite part of the week. The only bad thing is to wake up at 4am but it’s so worth it! Even worse for the media guys as they had to leave earlier to get everything ready. People have asked me if it is too icy or sketchy to ride when it’s dark, but no. The shaper crew prepared the landing just before we arrived to make it really soft. And it was just a bit different to ride with no proper light but as we were all familiar with the jump, it was Ok. I enjoyed every single sunrise second. It was so beautiful! We were done at about 8am, we went down the mountain had another breakfast and went back to sleep. It’s weird to go down the mountain when others start their day and go up. In the afternoon we had a mellow session. Stylemaster Hailey was doing the sickest methods ever!!! Oh and guess who turned up? Anna Gasser is back. I can’t believe it was her first day riding since three months of rest from injury. She stomped back 7s, back 9, cab 9 and cab double. She can’t be human!


Anna Gasser at Nine Queens
Selfies with Anna gasser and the other Queens



Friday was Final & Contest Day!

Nine Queens doesn’t feel like a contest cause we can ride as much as we want and whatever we want. Some of the Queens who got hurt this week did a great judging job. I wish I could write so much about this day but I crashed my head and can’t remember it. They sent me to hospital just for a check up cause I couldn’t feel my right hand. But it was all good, only a concussion. So I missed out on that progressive day but I watched the videos.


Snowboard bosses: Anna Gasser in 1st, Kjersti Buaas and Klaudia Medlova in 2nd and Hailey Langland in 3rd.


Ski bosses: Giulia Tanno in 1st, Maggie Voisin in 2nd and Keri Herman in 3rd.
I heard people loved watching the action.


Nine Queens
Sunrise shoots and awards = a shoe full of your drink


The concussion girls Katie Summerhayes, Emma Dahlström and I had a really bad headache so no party for us. Even though it was free drinks all night, damn it! But I enjoyed the Award Night. Nico and Jonee are the coolest organisers in the world. We had live music, sick DJs and so much to laugh about. Every time someone won an award or did something stupid they had to shoe. Shoe is where you have to down your drink out of your shoe and then wear it again.



The week highlight from Nine Queens 2016:

All in all it was a perfect week and I am sooo happy to have been part of this amazing event. I already miss the girls so much but every year we get together it feels like it was yesterday. Thank you Queens I love you!


Thanks Birgit for sharing your Nine Queens experience with Still Stoked!


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