This video series is a BEAUTIFULLY shot little glimpse into Ellie-Jean Coffey’s life and some of the struggles she is going through as a young 20 year old girl. She’s brave to discuss these challenges in a content series like this in such a move away (a well needed move away), from the other women’s surf content out right now.


I’m a big fan of the whole Coffey family. I greatly admire the brave choices that parents Jason and Kim Coffey made to bring up their family of 5 kids on the road, traveling Australia’s East coast and surfing every day (mum Kim hurt her neck in a skating accident, so they sold their Curl Curl home, brought a bus and raised the whole family on the road and at Crescent Head’s world class point break. Here’s a great video on their life ‘Raised by the sea’).


“I think it’s important to be yourself and not who everyone thinks your are”


I’ve been lucky enough to spend time with the whole Coffey family on the Gold Coast where they now live, through a production project I headed up. We went for breakfast, surfed Snapper Rocks, debated the pressures of women’s surfing, did a short video interview, laughed and then discussed ideas on where the girl’s careers could go, both with their surfing talents and their huge combined social media presence. I could tell then that they (Ellie and to some extent younger sister Holly) were at a cross roads. Do they follow their dreams of being on the WSL World Tour (of which both girls a VERY capable), or so they pursue a media career in television or turn their hand to fashion and/or modelling (of which they both would very likely excel). I think we all find ourselves at these cross roads of self discovery and decisions. I’m at one now at 31… I just quit my high-profile TV production job, sold my stuff and am about to leave my home in Australia to retrain as a heli-snowboard guide in Alaska (Cooler mag wrote an awesome article on my planned adventure). Being a pro surfer like Ellie-Jean Coffey is no different. Life’s choices are just as hard and I think all girls go through the same doubt and challenges. Most of us just don’t go through it in the spot light or public eye.


“Am I able to surf and compete and do all this media stuff and keep my head screwed on?”


Here are the first two episodes – Nice work Ellie, proud of you chick<3






Director: Cos We Can
DOP: Clare Plueckhahn
Producer: Fran Derham
Additional Footage:
Breton Carasso
Alex Aslangul
Talon Clemow
Cowboy from El Salvador
Stills By Clare Plueckhahn
Additional Stills by Sarah Lee


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