This Video Will Make You Want To Quit Your Job!

Live in a van. Live simply. Live beautifully


Cyrus Sutton is a professional surfer and film-maker from California. He recently took his camera, quad-copter, friends and girlfriend on a surf road trip along the Californian coast, making this beautiful short film. It captures everything that you want from a road trip and more. It’s rugged, romantic, restless, open and energising. It makes you wander why the hell you are sitting at a desk staring at a computer all day…


Personally, this video makes me want to create art. It makes wanderlust romantic again.


I think I might buy van. #Vanlife


“Friends in High Places” by Cyrus Sutton


I now want to live in a van. Thanks Cyrus!


See more photos of Cyrus Sutton’s trip on his blog

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