Skateboarders are always pushing themselves. Off handrails, off stairs, over gaps while trying to push and develop their own individual style (no different to other action sports really). The difference with skateboarding compared to other sports is that you fall hard, on concrete, A LOT! There will be blood, bruises and dirt. I guess that’s why you don’t see that many girls skateboarding at a really high level. You have to take the hits to get there. Your body taking more of a regular beating then say, snowboarding or surfing. Concrete hurts!


Leticia Bufoni is a 22 year old skater from São Paulo, Brazil.  Just last weekend she made history as the first woman to take first place at the Skate League (the first time women were able to compete). She was also chosen by The Berrics as one of eight skateboarders to profile in their documentary series PUSH (the only girl selected out of eight super talented skaters). The PUSH series looks at all the ways The Berrics can push content, push storytelling and have the skaters push themselves and skateboarding to deliver a regular video part. Letica Bufoni did just that in her series, dropping a consistent skate video part each month and giving us an insight into what her life is like.


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PUSH – Leticia Bufoni – All Episodes


Episode 1 – APRIL 9, 2015



Episode 2 – MAY 15, 2015



Episode 3 – JUNE 9, 2015



Episode 4 – AUGUST 20, 2015



Episode 5 – SEPTEMBER 15, 2015



Episode 6 – OCTOBER 8, 2015


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