Snow Balls - A Girl Snowboard Movie

Snow Balls from Gnar Chicken & Tea was the UK’s first girl snowboard movie produced and edited by snowboarder Alexa Hohenberg.

Snow Balls was made in 2005 as part of a project to inspire more woman to get into snowboarding. There was an accompanying tour of snowboard competitions around the country to encourage more girls to get involved. The film features some of the UK’s best talent from Jenny Jones, Vicci Miller, Alexa Hohenberg to Laura Berry.

Next year sees the anniversary of the movie and Alexa and team are thinking of getting together to make another snowboard movie – to celebrate how far female snowboarding has come and to give a sneak peak as to where the UK scene is at now.

Watch this space as Still Stoked will be the central place for all information about the up and coming film and how you as a female snowboarder, surfer, skater or just a rad chick can get involved.

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