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Full Moon Film is currently being toured around North America by the lovely ladies Leanne Pelosi, Mary France Roy, Robin Van Gyn, Helen Schettini, Jamie Anderson and Annie Boulanger.


So the Full Moon Film trailer just dropped …. and you can buy the full Full Moon Movie on iTunes and a bunch of great merchandise on the Full Moon website including a hard DVD of the most anticipated women’s snowboard movie of the decade.



The film, is about the past, present and future of women’s snowboarding. The producer and top female snowboarder Leanne Pelosi, wanted to preserve the culture of women’s snowboarding. Record what has happened in our life times so it won’t be lost.


My intention and mission with Full Moon is to film kick-ass snowboarding and pay tribute to all the inspirations of the past, present and future. This is my way of giving back to the sport that has given so much to me. We’re all doing what we love and I hope to inspire people to do the same.

– Leanne Pelosi in an interview with Transworld Snowboarding


The ladies also did a webseries called Side Tracked which looked at what inspired this amazing group of female snowboarders. Helen Schettini is driven by healthy eating, Leanne Pelosi has the most amazing camper van and loves going camping. Mary-France Roy is living a sustainable life in a house she built herself and Annie Boulanger has this incredible balance of snow and surf that any one would be envious of. Robin Van Gyn also works as a mountain guide and is interested in snow science so she can ride the best powder in the world safely and Jamie Anderson… well we all know she LOVES yoga! Her mental game is so strong.


I was going to make this movie whether I had five dollars or thousands of dollars.Every year for the last ten years, I have to ask myself, am I going to get re-signed? What if our careers all end next year? This was our chance. We’d have more power in one film.

– Leanne Pelosi in an interview with Outside Magazine titled The Legends of Women’s Snowboard Unite – Finally


Congrats Leanne and all the riders of Full Moon Film. You have accomplished a wonderful feat. I’m sure you have inspired the future generation of snowboarding as well as given all of us oldies some great memories to think about. Thank you, and thank you snowboarding for everything you have given us.

Watch Vision Airs – a snowboard webseries by Leanne Pelosi


Check out photos from the Full Moon World premiere on Transworld Snowboard. The girls were looking sharp.

Cover image by Nick Hamilton via Transworld Snowboard.

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