SunGod Vanguards bring 20% more vision to the slopes

The SunGod Vanguards snow goggle has been two years in the making. SunGod say the Vanguards are the best goggles they have ever made.


SunGod have a pretty solid track record of designing great performance eyewear. Their other snow goggles, the Revolts have been sold out for the best part of the last year. So it should come as no surprise that they got their clever little heads together on designing a new model – The SunGod Vanguards.


Have idea. Quit job. Start SunGod – Read how the brand SunGod got started, from a Kickstarter to a major disrupter to the optic industry.


I’m happy to hear that The Vanguards are bringing 20% more peripheral vision as that was one of the reasons I swapped by Revolts back for my Smith goggles. We haven’t tested these yet but we just designed ourselves a pair using their custom online platform where choose an chose the colour of the frames, lense and strap, plus the type of logo design on the strap. This is the design we went with (pictured below): White frame, snow purple 4KO lenses that work great in low light and sunny days, white-strap. We like our goggles to pop with colour in photos!


Custom SunGod Vanguards snow goggles


This set-up, all black with purple is also SICK!

Custom SunGod Vanguards snow goggles


OMG this design too – haha we are having too much fun designing our own custom pair!

Custom SunGod Vanguards snow goggles



Here is what SunGod say

Vanguards™ utilise a wider, cylindrical lens shape, which keeps the lenses closer to your eyes offering a massive 20% more peripheral vision. There are also a number of new straps available, as well as our new 4KO®snow Purple lens, and 4KO®snow HV pink lens.


We’ve brought the lens closer to your face for market-leading peripheral vision.


The goggles come with everything you would expect from SunGod including a lifetime warranty. I think it is worth just singling out again how important the warranty is. Issues with snow goggles apart from you scratching up the lenses (which isnt covered obviously), can include the foam disintegrating, the glue of the foam coming unstuck, the foam mounding and bending out of position, the clip of the lenses breaking, the elastic in the straps stretching out so you can’t wear them… list goes on. With this warranty, unlike other snow goggle manufacturers, you are covered for all of this. This is huge and means less money spent in your future and less consumption and impact on the environment.


So here are the other things the SunGod Vanguards have going for them:

  • Lifetime warranty
  • 6x 4KO snow lens options – I can vouch that these lenses are REALLY good
  • Cliplock interchangeable lenses, making changing between full-sun and low-light, real easy
  • Ultra-flexible TPU frame – superior lightweight fit and comfort
  • Helmet compatibility
  • Triple-layer scratch resistant lenses
  • Anti-fog vents
  • 100% UV protection
  • Full-frame impact protection
  • Triple-layer, triple-density foam
  • Interchangeable silicon-grip straps – so you can change the look and feel without owning multiple frames
  • Great price point at $195AUD – Around £100 with the top lens.


We have a pair of SunGod Vanguards on the way – full review and sick powder shots from my job as a catski guide in Niskeo, Japan, coming up!


Shop the SunGod Vanguards here.

RRP $195AUD for the goggle with the top of the range lens- about $100 cheaper than their market equivalent that doesn’t come with a lifetime warranty.


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