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As most of you know, my love for snowboarding takes me to all sorts of places around the globe. I am forever grateful for the amazing opportunities that arise. But, when I’m home in the NSW heat, my snow gear is obviously not being used which can really clutter the household. Snow gear isn’t cheap either, which is why it is so important to properly pack away and store it so you can get the best and longest use out of it! Here are some tips on how to store your snow gear up safely and without clutter until the next season.


#1 Check for wear and tear

Making sure everything is in clean, screws tightened, old worn out screw-heads replaced, so all your hardwear is in perfect condition before you pack it away, is extremely important. When you’re on the slopes you should be taking it all in, enjoying every second, not stressing about your equipment. There’s no doubt you may have some scrapes on your skis or snowboard, or minor rips in your suits. Offseason is the best time to get these fixed whether a home job or going to a professional, making sure everything is in top shape before packing it away will help you be ready when next season comes.


#2 Cleaning

Washing your clothes before storage is important to avoid nasty bacteria from clinging to your clothes. Be careful with your down and waterproof jackets as too much washing can damage the integrity of the waterproofing. It’s important to wash on a gentle cycle using a down, or outerwear specific washing detergent. And remember to tumble-dry your down gear with a tennis ball in the machine – it fluffs up the down feathers.

Clean your boots! You do not want to leave them marinating with last season’s sweat over summer as they will be even worse come snow season. Make sure you take the laces out and let them dry completely before storing. You can even throw a couple of the small silicon sachets you get with dr-stored food, in the boots. This will help stop moisture and mold from building up in your boots over summer.

Wash your board/skis! Wipe over with warm water and a few drops of eucalyptus oil and let dry completely before the next step.


#3 Waxing

Waxing the base of your skis and snowboard is a great way to stop the base from drying out and the edges from rusting. If you are not comfortable waxing your own hardware, your local ski store should be able to help you out with this. Using a hot iron that you won’t need for your clothes later, lather on the wax, let it dry and leave a thick layer on for the entire time you aren’t using it, all the way back into winter. This can be a lifesaver when you are busting your gear out again for the new snow season. All you will have to do it scrape the wax off and you are ready to go.


#4 Find the best storage solution

Dumping your winter gear in the bottom of your drawers or push to the back of your wardrobe isn’t really the best idea if you want your gear to last. Especially down jackets as the down needs air to stay fluffy and keep you warm. Chances are that you probably spent a whole lot of money on your snow gear and it would be a shame if you ruined them by not storing them properly. It is better to hang your snow jackets but let’s be real unless you have a spare wardrobe… your normal hanging space just doesn’t have enough hanging room for the chunky show gear.

The best way to store your snow gear is in boxes! Not really news but they are classic and great, you can keep everything organised, and labeled. Keeping everything together and fresh is going to make getting ready for the next season that much easier. There are some good companies that can provide you with the perfect storage solutions to fit your needs like Hire a Box, with prices from as little as $2.40. Hire a box also provides Port-a-robe options that can help store your jackets in a hanging position – Handy right! Packing your clothes properly is super important so they can last for many snow seasons to come.

If you ski tour and have snowboard or ski ‘skins’, store these in the freezer as it will keep the glue from going tacky, helping them last longer.


#5 The daily grind…

Now you should be ready for the snow season when it finally comes so it’s time to get back to the daily grind until next time.


This post was written in collaboration with box hire and packaging supply company – Hire A Box  & Influencer Management Service – #AsSeenOn.


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