The local Teahupoo queens, Vahine, Hemiti & Kohai Fierro share their witchery and love of nature in this beautiful new film by Morgan Maassen. Beautifully shot coupled with amazing surfing from the sisters, this is pure poetry for the eyes.

Goddesses they are! Roxy surfer Vahine Fierro is Tahiti’s first World Junior champion. She has definitely been one to watch on the QS since capturing our attention with her clips showing how comfortable she is surfing Teahupo’o on big days. For those that don’t know Teahupo’o is a monster… one of the World’s most dangerous waves. Alexa from Still Stoked lived there for a month and never even surfed it… it is THAT terrifying even when small. It breaks scarily onto the reef when under 4ft and when big, well it is a mutant slab!

Props to Vahine Fierro and sisters, that takes some guts!

Still Stoked are huge fans of Morgan Maassen, having interviewed him previously. Over the years, since starting at such a young age, Morgan has made some stunning films with our favourite female surfers. The most notable is Vacation Island with Stephanie Gilmore. He has also made a stunning film with Imogen Caldwell, film in the remotest place he has ever traveled to, Imogen’s home of Red Bluff, Western Australia.

Goddesses’ encapsulates the feeling, culture and way of life that supports Vahine Fierro and her sisters in all that they do. From the serene jungle shots, to the bond that they share as sisters, to the lyrical messaging of the sonics behind the film, the final version culminates in an ethereal yet accurate depiction of their lifestyle and beliefs.

Vahine Fierro GODDESSES

Having first approached Vahine Fierro in the water at Teahupo’o, Morgan Maassen’s reputation immediately impressed, with the opportunity to work with Morgan considered an honor by Fierro. Maassen was deeply inspired by their lifestyle and wanted to share it with his audience.

I felt so honoured. I always admired Morgan’s edit with Stephanie Gilmore and wished that I could do the same. It was one of my dreams coming true. He captured everything he needed to showcase what my sister and I are about… most of the time real life moments. The kinds that make us feel connected and alive

– Vahine Fierro

Morgan Maassen spent two weeks in and around the islands of Tahiti. Each day would involve surfing with the girls, having fun and working to grow a deeper understanding of the connection the sisters share; with each other and with the land. 

My obsession with Tahiti started one decade ago, during a week-long visit for a lifestyle shoot at the age of twenty. The mountains, sea, dense jungle and perfect waves made their case in a matter of seconds, and I was hooked, paving the way for me to return at every opportunity possible. Over the years of visiting what I’d reckon to be the most beautiful place in the world, I’ve also met some outstanding characters, forged by the power of their connection with the land and sea. Recently, I’ve had the honor and pleasure of getting to know the Fierro family. Loving parents Andrew and Hina have raised three young women who are pushing women’s surfing while gracefully sharing their Tahitian lifestyle with the world.

– Morgan Maassen


Vahine Fierro and sisters in Goddesses
Vahine Fierro GODDESSES
Vahine Fierro GODDESSES
Vahine Fierro GODDESSES

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