How does Bethany Hamilton surf with one arm?


Bethany Hamilton just inspired the entire world. Her performance surfing at the Fiji Pro left everyone with mouths on the floor and nothing but wide eyes and praise for professional athlete, mother, wife and inspirational speaker. In 2003, Bethany lost her arm aged 13, to a shark attack at her home break in Kauai Hawaii. A testament to her mental strength, she was back surfing within a month and hasn’t let her dream of being a professional athlete escape her. She paddles into waves with one arm that most can’t do at full strength with two. This is how she does it…


“I’m still doing everything I hoped of doing before losing my arm. I’m honoured if I can inspire people. I know I’m in a unique position to encourage young girls to make great decisions as they grow into women and chase their dreams. I think I’m a reminder for young girls to know what they can do if they set their mind to it.” – Bethany Hamilton



Bethany Hamilton Go Pro entry from the 2016 Fiji Pro


Bethany is currently working on a film called “Surfs Like a Girl” due to be released in 2017. WE CAN’T WAIT!!!


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