Surfer girls stuck in reception

The Rip Curl search is all about getting out there. Alana Blanchard, Nikki Van Dyke and new 2016 world champion (legend) Tyler Wright went on a girls trip to Indonesia. And they scored. And got their car stuck. “Stuck In Reception” is a sweet little video edit abut their adventure. While Alana Blanchard no longer surfs competitively, the opportunity to just travel and get out there was obviously something she relished.


You don’t know what’s going to happen. You just go. It actually made me not care about what kind of waves we were going to get – it was just so exciting to be going on a Search trip again.

– Alana Blanchard


Unexpected. Distant. Isolated. Unknown. There are a million different ways to describe this trip, but perhaps the most fitting is to say that it was unlike anything else. That’s the nature of a journey like this – you never know what you’re going to get.


The girls frigging rip. Anyone know where in Indonesia there surfed at? Looks like bliss.


Read the full write up of the girl’s Indonesia surf trip.

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