Goskydive in the UK have launched the World’s first Tandem Skydive instructor apprenticeship programme. A Promising a career that will get apprentices’ blood pumping on a daily basis. They are looking for courageous candidates to take on the challenge of becoming qualified Tandem Skydive Instructors and/or Free-fall Photographers.


Not for the faint-hearted, the two year programme will provide apprentices with a robust skydiving training programme, introducing them to the many different skills required. Apprentices will feel the wind in their hair from the get go, completing 100 tandem skydive jumps in just the first six months, and up to a further 500 jumps in the following six months, learning and practicing skills including parachute handling, freefall, camera flying and freefall photography


There is no associated cost (egh, awesome!) and you can be from any country or nationality, but you must be able to legally work in the UK. If this is something that interests you, drop them a message through the career opportunities section of their website. You will need to shoot them through your resume/CV and a short two minute video detailing why you’d be good for the role.



So what is a day on the life of a female skydive instructor?


We chatted with Holly Goodfield from GoSkydive to get a feel for what a career as a tandem skydive instructor entails.

Holly Goodfield skydive instructor



What does an average day look like for you?


Alarm goes off 6.45
Porridge for breakfast
Leave for work 7.30 arrive at 7.45



What does your day entail?


Help set up the drop zone, check parachutes and call the air traffic control Set up and check all my own kit, get ready to jump. It is then a morning briefing. Time on the ground is spent eating or doing ground training for other guests Go to the gym after work for about an hour, weight training Lots of vegetables for food to keep your energy up Chill out and go to bed at 11.



How many jumps do you do in a day?


In the summer, I average 15 jumps per day.



How old were you when you did your first jump?

I was 17 when I did my first tandem skydive and on my 18th birthday I begun my skydive license, the accelerated free fall course (AFF).



How did you become a skydiving instructor?

I started working at GoSkydive and the other instructors motivated me. I saw how much fun they were having. The chief instructor helped with my training and I then motored ahead with my tandem instructor course. It is worth noting that you also have to get your fitness and strength up. It’s a very demanding job.



Do you have any other passions?

I love tunnel flying and practicing formations (skydive formations). My other passions are food and sleep!



At what point did you know being a tandem skydive instructor was the career for you?

As soon as I realised how much fun it was to skydive, I quit my degree in sociology at University of Kent to pursue my passion; I nearly passed my first year!



What was your last job?

I worked at Digger Land. I was a customer experience team member and mascot; I was Dotty the Digger.



What has been your best moment since being a tandem skydive instructor?

The feeling of taking your first ever customer on their tandem skydive; she was so nice and I still remember her- her name was Pat and I’ve now jumped with her twice.



Your worst memorable work moment?

When I was working at a different centre we landed in a sheep field and my customer was so excited they picked up sheep poo and threw it at me!



What does your partner think about what you do?

He is also a skydiver and is a professional wind tunnel instructor so he loves what I do! He always tells me to be careful.



What is it like working in quite a male dominated industry?

It’s really fun; I never think about it being a male dominated industry because we’re all just doing what we love. We have a lot of banter and look after each other! I love it!



If this is something that sounds like a solid career that you could be successful in, get in touch with Goskydive and apply for their free two year skydive instructor apprenticeship.



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