Professional surfer, Tatiana Weston-Webb, travels to a remote island in Tahiti with pro surfers Anthony Walsh, Tika Smith, and brother Troy Weston-Webb. On an island in the middle of nowhere, Tatiana finds empty waves, crystal clear water, and a love for how simple life can be. Wish you were here…



Fademan & Oleg feat. Lime Kid – “Wake Me Up”
Kasket Club – “Time”
The Analog Affair – “Violent Young”


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Body Glove Entertainment


Tatiana Weston-Webb is on her first year of the CT world surf tour, making quite an impact. Read more about her in our article Tatiana Weston-Webb: Welcome to the feist fest. We love watching her surf and compete.


Hiya, I'm Alexa. Always on some sort of adventure! I'm excited to share my stories & introduce you to other rad women, also living the dream. I'm here to inspire you to do the same :-)


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