Vision is what pulls us forward.


Leanna Pelosi, Vision Airs
Photo courtesy of Etnies


Leanne rips.


She has always been one of the riders I state as my biggest influence due to her insane ability to ride rails, power, jumps and backcountry with the most beautiful, fluid, but still aggressive style. We rode together a fair bit when filming Snow Balls, she even has a little section in the film slaying the Whistler park rails – man how I looked up to her (I still do!).


After starting her own production company Runway Films and releasing some super inspiring all-female snowboard movies like LA LA Land (2007) and See What I See (2008), Leanne is back with a new web series that is to-the-point fun snowboarding. “Vision Airs” showcases solid backcountry snowboarding with a spoonful of messing around with your mates and having fun. All the things snowboarding should be.  Vision Airs follows Leanne across the globe with her friends from Japan to Sweden to Canada to The Arctic. She has good friends and fellow Whistler Backcountry shredders  Robin Van Gyn, Marie France Roy and Helen Schettini join her as well as many others throw down some serious, creative and fun snowboarding.


“Vision Airs is a mix of being inspired by some of the best snowboarders in the world who also share a creative vision for what they want to ride.” – Leanne Pelosi



Episode 5: Vision Airs Full Part



Episode 4: Summer Riding



Episode 3: Vision Airs Japan



Episode 2: Sweden



Episode 1: Whistler 


Watch Leanne Pelosi’s full movie LA LA LAND from 2007, featuring snowboarding from the best of women riders of that era, Tara Dakides, Marie-France Roy, Erin Comstock and more.


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