When winter travel insurance all goes wrong

Here’s what it could end up costing you if disaster strikes and you skipped out on buying travel insurance for your winter holiday. 

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If you’re a winter sports enthusiast like us, you know the catastrophic cost of not taking out winter travel insurance before a winter trip.


After doing some research we’ve uncovered some pretty shocking statistics relating to winter sports insurance claims taken out in the UK and abroad. Believe it or not, some 4,580 of us claimed for sporting injuries in 2017 alone. What’s more, of the 1,000,000 people that go skiing each year in the UK, 17,000 of us return home on crutches. So, statistically, travelling without winter travel insurance isn’t the wisest choice!


Ski Mt. Yoeti with Niseko Photography & Guiding
Snowboarding on Mt Yotei in Niseko – Photo Alexa Hohenberg


If you’ve left the planning of your trip to the last minute or it’s your first time on the slopes, remembering to take out winter sports insurance can be one of those things that skips your mind. If you’re a newbie to winter sports, you might be tempted to risk not taking any out. Many of us have been there!


Because we don’t want something as simple as travel insurance to ruin your trip, below is what a skiing trip could cost you if you’ve forgotten to take out winter travel insurance. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

  • Cost in Europe for ski hire and lift pass = up to £89 per day
  • The average cost of Piste rescue in Europe = £445
  • The average cost of repatriation by land in Europe = £7,000
  • The average cost of repatriation by air in Europe = £12,000


Even if you’re a cautious skier and always play it safe, accidents can still happen. Taking out a winter sports insurance package will not only cover the cost of being involved in an accident but will also cover the costs of:

  • Losing or misplacing ski equipment or your ski pass (without insurance you could be forking out a considerable sum of money to cover damages)
  • Equipment hire – In the event that your luggage doesn’t arrive on time or you manage to misplace anything during your trip, your insurance will pay for you to hire equipment when you arrive at your resort so you won’t feel like you’re wasting valuable time on the slopes.
  • Off-piste skiing – Perhaps for the brave, experienced skiers only, but some of us will want to venture beyond the piste and not feel restricted. Holidaysafe’s winter travel insurance will take this into account.
  • Medical costs – Without a doubt the most important reason for cover, with which all your medical costs will be taken care of. Given that in some countries medical bills go into the thousands, this is a crucial element of your cover.


fear in snowboarding and sport
Insurance.. for when it all goes wrong.


As you can see, it pays to take out cover in snowy conditions!

Whichever insurance company you decide to go with, make sure you read through the policy’s terms and conditions carefully. Often, policies won’t cover off-piste skiing or accidents or loss of use, when you cannot use your ski passes due to bad weather, illness or injury.


Get winter travel insurance for your next trip and rest assured that you can ski safely and happy!


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