Snowboard size, flex, style, brand and camber are all really personal things to a snowboarder. I know immediately when strapping into my board, if my set up is right or if I need to widen my stance or adjust my angles. I’m always really interested in what other women snowboarders ride, especially if they are the same height as me (as I often get told my stance is REALLY wide). Transworld Snowboarding recently published an article on the snowboard set ups for 2015/16 covering a variety of pro snowboarders that won, or were nominated for this year’s Transworld SNOWboarding Riders’ Poll Awards. It is a great insight into the set ups of numerous female snowboarders from a range of snowboard disciplines (slopestyle, backcountry, street and pipe).


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Jamie Anderson snowboard Grand Prix Mammoth
Jamie Anderson. Photo by Chris Wellhausen


Snowboard set up: Jamie Anderson (slopestyle)

Jamie is one of my favourite snowboarders. Primarily a competition rider, she is the queen of slopestyle with an Olympic Gold medal (in the sport’s first ever Olympic slopestyle appearance in 2014) and nine winter X Games medals, four of which are Gold. She is also the most inspirational and incredible person, which I have written about at length!

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DOB: 11/13/1990

Home Mountain: Sierra at Tahoe, California

Height: 5’ 3” – 160cm

Weight: 54kg

Stance: Regular, 21 inches wide, front 12°, and back -9°

Sponsors: Oakley, GNU, GoPro, Monster, Sierra at Tahoe, Navitas Super Foods

Board: Gnu Jamie Anderson Ladies Choice



Marie-France Roy dropping cliffs on her snowboard
Marie-France Roy. Photo by Jussi Grznar


Pro Setups: Marie-France Roy (backcountry)

Winner of this year’s TransWorld SNOWboarding Riders’ Poll Women’s Rider Of The Year, Marie-France Roy, MFR or MOFO, is both a personal friend of mine and one of my biggest inspirations. She dominated the competition scene and street rail riding for a long time and now, takes those mega skills to the backcountry dropping incredible videos parts that are a testament to her dedication to progressing women’s snowboarding.


DOB: 4/17/1984

Height: 5’6”

Home Mountain: Whistler/Blackcomb, BC, Canada

Stance: Regular, 21.5 inches wide, front 15°, back -15°

Sponsors: Oakley, Arbor, Redbull, Whistler/Blackcomb, ClifBar, Axis, BeaverWax, Karakoram

Board: Arbor Cadence



Pro Setups: Chloe Kim (pipe)

Chloe Kim won her first X Games medal at 15 (gold), the youngest competitor to ever win an X Games Gold! She is a cute, little pint sized shredder, with bags of style, tricks and courage to send it in the pipe.


DOB: 4/23/2000

Home Mountain: Mammoth, California

Height: 5’3″

Stance: Goofy, I don’t really know the width, I go with the recommended one that’s right in the middle, and my angles 15° and -12°

Board: Burton Talent Scout

Sponsors: Burton, Oakley, Monster Energy, Mammoth Mountain, GoPro, Bose, US Snowboarding




Pro Setups: Desiree Melancon (street)

Desiree won the TransWorld SNOWboarding Riders’ Poll women’s video part of the year which is no easy feat. She is one of the women that is pushing the progression of street, urban snowboarding alongside Mary Rand and Jess Kimura.


DOB: 12/29/1987

Home Mountain: Bear Mountain, California

Height: 5’11″

Stance: Regular, 22 inch width, Front 12°, Back 3°

Board: Salomon Gypsy

Sponsors: Salomon, Smith, ThirtyTwo, Coal, Drink Water, Cobra Dogs, AF1234, Mtn. Approach, Crab Grab, Volcano Cones, Airblaster



Jess Kimura urban snowboarding
Photo by Ben Birk

Pro Setups: Jess Kimura (street)

Love this chick. So technical and stylish, she has been leading the charge in female street snowboarding for quite sometime now.

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DOB: 5/25/1984

Home Mountain: Silver Star, BC, Canada

Height: 5’1”

Weight: 62Kg

Stance:  Regular, 20 inches wide, 15°, -3°

Board: Capita Jess Kimura Pro Model

Sponsors: Captia, Union, Monster Energy, Nike, Coal, Electric, Celtek



Mary Rand street snowboarding
Photo by Ben Birk


Pro Setups: Mary Rand (street)

Mary Rand won the TransWorld SNOWboarding Riders’ Poll Women’s Rookie of the Year award with her dedication to street snowboarding. She’s dropped a seriously gnarly video part last year.

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DOB: 3/12/1992

Home Mountain: Loon Mountain, New Hampshire and Yawgoo Valley, Rhode Island

Height: 5’ 1.5”

Stance: Regular, 18.75 inches wide, front 6°, back -6°

Board: Rome 143 Lo-fi Rocker

Sponsors: Rome SDS, Volcom, VonZipper, Vans, Ass Wax, Civil Skate Shop, Loon Mountain



Snowboarder Silje Norendal


Pro Setups: Silje Norendal (slopestyle)

Silje is a mega babe that also snowboards pretty damn well. She won her second X Games gold in slopestyle this year as well as receiving the TransWorld SNOWboarding Riders’ Poll Women’s Rookie Of The Year Nomination.


DOB: 9/1/1993

Home Mountain: Kongsberg, Norway

Height: 5’4”

Stance: Regular, 20.5 inches wide, front 12°, back -9°

Board: Nitro Mercy

Sponsors: Nitro, Oakley, Rockstar, Stance Socks



Information within this article was originally published by Transworld Snowboarding in their Pro Setups 2015 article. Head over there if you want more info on what the girls are riding, like googles, jackets, boot, bindings etc.

Watch more inspirational female snowboard movies in the video section or check out the snowboard specific section for more awesome snowboard inspiration.


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