You don’t need a reason for everything you do in your life. Do it because you want to, do it because it’s fun… it because it makes you happy.

– Guest post by Echo Giesel Widmer


I do not think it’s fair that the world forces us to choose. To choose a path. To choose a direction. To choose a future. Things are constantly shifting, constantly realigning if we pay attention. We are shown by example from a very early age to fear change, to fear rejection, to fear obstacles, to fear independence.


Our society wants us to choose structure, success, clarity, and collectivity. But the things is, we are capable of so much more than anyone will actually tell us. And now there is so much available to us, so much access, so much knowledge, so much power that we can take…..but too many of us are unaware of it, scared of it, or so far removed from the idea of attaining it.


head in the clouds skydive
My teachers always said I had my head in the clouds.



We need to be brave enough, to test ourselves. To push ourselves, to throw ourselves over the edge… so that we finally see what we are made of. We aren’t invincible, but we are strong as hell. I wish that was what we were told as kids. That someone would have said, you can be anything that you want to be and that you actually believe it. I wish that parents would tell their kids that. Not fear that they will choose a life off the path.


I have been living off the path for longer than a decade now. I did what society wanted me to do. I got all the letters… the A’s, the B’s, and A+’s, the B.A., and M.P.A. All those letters won me a lot of respect, a scholarship… and also a lot of acceptance in the professional community. But I wasn’t happy. I didn’t know who I was. I made my own choices, but not really. I had a world of history behind me telling me that I was doing the right thing. But something didn’t feel right. And I knew that, deep down inside. And one day the secret just bubbled up in me, and I tore myself away from the life I had worked so hard to get. I didn’t tear away completely, but I left behind the things that didn’t fit anymore.


Mount Yotei Niseko Japan
Glancing out over one mountain I have already walked, and I thought to myself……I’ve got so many mountains to climb, and goals to conquer. I’ve got so many scars I want to leave on the planet. I just feel like I’m not there yet. I feel like I am just getting started.


I wasn’t meant to spend my days in an office, talking around a water cooler at lunch, and chatting about the weather. And I do not think that most of us are.


I went to see about the world. I travelled alone, I travelled for long, I travelled for short, I travelled for snow, I travelled for sun. I wanted to see what the world had to offer, so I could find what I had to offer.


And I figured it out. The best thing I have to offer is complete and total authenticity, compassion and introspection towards myself and my community.


Echo Giesel Widmer
Waking up in Kenya to begin my yoga practice in front of Zebras, Giraffes, Elephants, Oryx, Gazelles and other wildlife drinking from the watering hole.


I realised over the years that by being myself, and following my dreams, and choosing adventure over fear… I was able to inspire other people to do so as well. My best offering was to be an example, an idea of what could be.


So many people over the years have told me that they wish they could do what I do. To travel as I do and live the life I do… and so many times I have repeated “I am nothing more than you, anything I am capable of, you are as well.” And it began to stick.


People are beginning to believe in themselves, to believe in their power, to believe in their own destiny. And I am seeing more and more people take their own lives back, and make art of it.


Annapurna Nepal
Snow falling soundlessly, will always bring my heart clarity. Reflecting in Annapurna, Nepal.


It’s one of the most rewarding parts about creating a global community and network. I have met so many beautiful souls across this planet now, and I have always known that they were meant for unbelievably beautiful and epic things. And I can see now, that they are learning that about themselves as well.


This life isn’t always any easy one. It can be risky and sometimes things can go completely wrong. But it is never boring. That’s the true beauty of it. When you put yourself out there, truly put yourself out there, things will go wrong. But things will also go so right, that you can’t even believe that this is your real life.


I think at that point, it’s really difficult to go back to a singular path. We are meant to have choices. We are meant to feel complete freedom. We are meant for greatness beyond our wildest dreams.


Why wouldn’t you test that?


Go live, be free.


Skydive leap of faith
How’s that for a leap of faith?


Echo Giesel Widmer Austin Texas
Painting a poem for Hope Outdoor Gallery, Austin Texas.


Girl in the water
This is my serious face. Royal National Park, NSW Australia.


Ski touring. Mount Yōtei Japan
Taking the big hike, Mount Yōtei, Japan


Thanks Echo, can’t wait to chase some storms with you here in Japan and see where the snow and our smiles take us :-)


Echo Giesel Widmer is first and foremost a dreamer, a doer and a passionary. She lives her life riding the waves as they come to. Following the seasons and sports that push her. An athlete turned writer, a writer turned photographer, a storyteller turned aspiring film maker. She leads by example and not by force. Overall she’s just along for the ride.


For more about Echo Giesel Widmer, check out her website or follow her adventures on her Instagram.



Hiya, I'm Alexa. Always on some sort of adventure! I'm excited to share my stories & introduce you to other rad women, also living the dream. I'm here to inspire you to do the same :-)


    • I am not rich by any means. That is a poor assumption. I just see oppurtunities and I work my ass off to get to them :)

    • I think it comes down to what your priorities are in life. Mine, much like Echo’s are travel and experiences. Any money I own has always gone towards these things before material possessions. Obviously we are both lucky to be from countries that afford us the opportunities and freedoms to travel. x

  1. A truly amazing lady and one of my dearest friends. You have inspired me from day one to be free and live that dream that I have always wanted. To travel, to create, to listen, to feel, to be a bright soul and inspiration for others. Thank you for showing me the path and for being a truly inspirational light for everyone out there!


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