Codie Klein is a professional surfer from Australia’s Gold Coast, currently competing on the World Qualifying Series (WQS) for a spot on the Championship Tour (CT).

We got to travel together and share a few waves in El Salvador, following the 6* WQS competition at Punta Roca. Codie Klein RIPS and she wasn’t shy to paddle into some massive waves and really go for it. Her ambitions don’t just lie within surfing. The Gold Coast shredder is also sharp as a tack, studying finance at Bond University in Queensland at the same time as perusing her professional surfing career. The girl is going to go far, both in and out of the water.


Mega surfer babe Codie Klein
Mega babe Codes. Photo by Pete Horsnell for Piping Hot


20 questions with pro surfer Codie Klein


#1 What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?

That feelings and emotions can exist without affecting performance.


#2 Do you have a morning routine?

Yes. It consists of yoga at 5am, coffee, carpark chat with friends and then surf.

Codie Klein
When the nutrients in a croissant don’t quite cut it


#3 Surf bikinis – what is your preferred style?

Bra-shaped underwired bikinis are my go-to surf bikini. With the bra-shaped ones, the underwire doesn’t come up very high so doesn’t cut under your arm like other underwired styles. I like the bra-shaped style in a one-piece too. A plain, simple triangle bikini also works in small waves (but not so good for big waves!).


#4 What is your favourite surf spot in the whole world?

Macaronis and Lakey Peak are my absolute favourite surf spots, but I have a love/hate relationship with my home break Snapper Rocks.


Codie ripping her local, Snapper Rocks: 


#5 Do you have any pre-surf rituals?

I always have a massive glass of warm, lemon water when I wake up.


#6 What are your thoughts on Kelly Slater’s wave pool?

I have so many questions about it, like HOW from a science point of view, and WHY does the water have to be cold!?

Codie Klein by Billy Stafford
Photo by Billy Stafford for Liquid Boulevard


#7 What does your training look like, off season vs. on season?

Off season I build strength and during the season I work on maintenance and increasing speed and power.


#8 What is your favourite post morning surf snack?

Coffee. I also like to make an omelette with so many veggies and so little egg that it falls apart!


#9 Who is your best friend on tour?

I travel to most events with Stephanie Single and Paige Hareb. They are my staples!

Surfers Codie Klein and Paige Hareb
Everyone needs a staple kiwi in their life – Codie with her frequent travel partner, New Zealand’s Paige Hareb.


#10 Do you have a bad habit or improvement that you are working on with your surfing?

I need to work on surfing better in small waves (and enjoying them!). Also on going left on my forehand. We don’t have too many opportunities on the QS tour to go left.


#11 What are your must-have items on a long haul flight?

I take literally every toiletry under 100ml. Basically everything you could use to have a shower without actually having a shower: tooth brush, Morelife green’s powder (I mix it with water when I’m on the plane), moisturiser … My MooGoo travel pack has all the essential creams I need, including a lip balm.

I also pack all of my meals including just-add-water chia pudding. I don’t eat the plane food.


#12 Do you think surfing should be in the Olympics?

No I don’t. Surfing is a professional, private body sport. Other sports like tennis and golf who have a similar structure, don’t regard an Olympic gold medal as high as another sporting titles (like grand-slam titles for example). In surfing, it would be really hard to regulate the competition and make it fair as they are so many uncontrollable factors within the sport.

Codie Klein
Codie just reminding the boys who’s boss out there.
Photo Trent Callaghan


#13 Who is you idol in and outside of surfing?

Stephanie Gilmore – she grew up round the corner from me so it’s nice to have someone from a small town make it so big.

I used to like Grand Hacket before he went off the rails (Australian swimmer). He studied while he was training for the Olympics and also worked in finance. He used his sporting connections to build his pro swimming career, while studying and competing at the same time.


#14 Do you have a pump-up song before paddling out?

I actually don’t listen to music. I get too distracted.

Codie Klein
All smiles


#15 What is your most prized possession?

I have a rose pearl necklace that my grandma gave me for my 21st birthday. She is probably my favourite person on this planet. She’s a cancer survivor and plays 18 holes of golf twice a week, driving round in a golf cart at 88! Legend.


#16 What is your favourite recipe to make? 

Chia pudding, but I also make the best salad with roast vegetables, pumpkin, beetroot, spinach, sprouts, and cherry tomatoes. But the dressing I make from tahini, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice and flax seeds, really makes it exceptional!!

Codie Klein surfer diet
Winter mornings… Cinnamon spiced, apple, chia seed porridge.


#17 Who is your favourite fashion designer or brand? 

Catherine from Worn – She is my childhood best friend and has made her fashion dream a reality.


#18 If you could change one thing about women’s surfing, what would it be?

I’d like to see better quality and more variation in the waves, especially on the QS tour. I would also like to see a decreased emphasis on social media from an industry/company/brand point of view.

Codie Klein
Photo by Jessie Little


#19 What is one exercise that you really hate doing?

Single leg squats. I bet my trainer could have answered that one for me! Hate them.


#20 Longboarders, love em or hate em?

Love em! They are so graceful and beautiful when they stick to breaks that suit them.

Codie Klein Piping Hot
What better way to end the day. Photo Pete Horsnell


Follow Codie Klein and her adventures on Instagram or her Facebook page. She also writes a great blog on her website,


Codie is sponsored by Piping Hot, MoreLife, Stacey Surfboards, The Glass Lab and MooGoo.


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