The Journey Junkie Interview: It’s a massive pie & you only need a tiny slice

I am a firm believer that everyone comes into your life to teach you something. The astute amongst us are open to the lessons. Meeting Allie from The Journey Junkie was one such encounter. Now a good friend, our initial interview lit a spark up our arse, giving us the motivation that we at Still Stoked needed to take the next step in living our own journey.


During my adventures crossing the Pacific ocean on a 32ft sailboat called Finding Avalon, while anchored on Isabella, the largest island in The Galapagos, we passed a beautiful 50ft sailboat called Alfie with an American flag. 2 couples our age, hung out on the deck. Although we didn’t meet in person, we got in contact through a satellite phone and stayed connected as ‘buddy boats’, checking in on each other’s status throughout the 3,000 mile passage across the Pacific Ocean. It was only when we arrive in The Marquesas Islands in French Polynesia that I got to meet the smiling, outgoing and badass Allie (aged 31!), and hear her story with The Journey Junkie.


Allie from the Journey Junkie


Allie is has made her wildest dreams a reality – and a highly profitable one at that. She has crafted a life of freedom in the truest sense of the word. Herself and husband Myers dream currently plays out on their 50ft yacht, Alfie. Her story, the familiar tale of dissatisfaction in an office cubicle, coupled with the incessant longing to do something more worthwhile with her life (hmm sound familiar?), was the foundation of motivation from which she built Journey Junkie – now an online yoga community of thousands of yogis worldwide, also running yoga retreats in lush locations all over the globe.


Fear stands for “False Evidence Appearing Real” and ‘Face Everything And Rise”


With a degree in marketing, an astute curious mind and an entrepreneurial spirit, Allie taught her self how to code, craft a brand name and construct an intricate online product-offering. Being a slave to a yoga studio wasn’t a path for her. She wanted to teach yoga her way, authentically, adding in other elements like the chakras or the 8 limbs of yoga that often get forgotten in modern yoga’s single-minded ‘workout’ approach.


Although she was terrified of the video equipment she was given one Hanukah, she learned the ins-and-outs of building online communities by offering free engaging yoga videos, on YouTube. She was also deeply scared of ‘putting herself out there’ as a yoga teacher who only one year prior completed her 200 yoga teacher training. “What if they critise me, what if I’m not as good as the other online yoga classes on YouTube?”. She was full of self-doubt. But fear stands for “False Evidence Appearing Real” and ‘Face Everything And Rise” and she often reminds herself and it is no reason to stand still, you must keep pushing forward.


Believe in your ideas and take advantage of the time that we are living in.


Watch the video interview with Allie from The Journey Junkie


Our two sailboats met up again across a few islands in The Marquesas and I got to sit with her and tell her about my dream for Still Stoked: “To become the leading platform for women in adventure, producing content for women that inspires and uplifts”. Her words were invaluable. She too was where we sit right now, on the precipice of something that is bigger than one person. She took an amazing online course called Blog to Biz which helped her make the transition from her travel blog to a fledgling online business. She made a conscious decision to commit to her dream and worked hard to make it happen.


Take compassionate action. don’t sit around and be a bump on a log. but also don’t create unrealistic outcomes for yourself and your business.


She said there were two key elements that have been the key to her success:

  1. Being consistent. Consistency built the bedrock of trust with her audience.
  2. Having an abundance mindset. The pie can infinitely grow – you only need to commit to growing your slice.


Live your journey. If you don’t live your journey someone else will live it for you.


This conversation with Allie from The Journey Junkie left me with one thought: If you don’t back yourself, then who the hell will? Allie went after her dream with a fierce conviction, while ALWAYS staying authentic to her audience. When she feels shit, she tells them. When she is not in her flow and forcing the content, she let’s then know she needs a break. This genuine openness is what makes her content, platform and offering so compelling. 


Allie from the Journey Junkie


Let me tell you a little secret… Allie isn’t the biggest fan of full-time sailing! She is a few years into circumnavigating the world on Alfie because she loves her husband and she supports his dream. She is also acutely aware of the growth that comes from putting yourself into challenges, and for Allie, sailing fulltime and living offshore on a boat is a challenge. If you follow her Instagram, she shares the highs and lows of this experience because as we all know, the light doesn’t come without the dark. 

 This has been our favourite Still Stoked Chats to date. Thank you Allie for coming into our lives, for what you have shown us is possible, and for inspiring us to Live Our Journey.

Check out The Journey Junkie and discover any amazing retreats where you can also work through your won journey with Allie.

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