Laura Enever Interview: Surfing those scary waves, panic attacks, & managing fear

Laura Enever opens up in a video interview about the making of her movie Undone and the changes this amazing woman has gone through along the way. Undone is now available on iTunes worldwide.



Sitting down with Laura Enever in her Narrabeen home on the eve of Undone’s release, we were able to have a really open and honest chat about her recent film Undone and the incredible journey this young woman has been on. 


Undone isn’t by any means an ‘I’ve arrived, look at me’ tale of Laura’s inauguration to big wave slab surfing. While it sure does have those moments that make you stand-up off your seat and cheer at your TV, Undone is more a window into the world of a young woman going through a career change, setting out to explore a new chapter of her life while navigating all the self-doubt, hesitation, and the confusion that come with making pivotal life-changing decisions. 


Even if you are not a surfer, anyone can relate to the fear involved in making scary decisions and committing to creating a new life. To put Laura’s decision to leave the World Tour of surfing after seven years competing along-side and one of the best in the World, this was the exact time that women were awarded equal pay to the men. Her decision would not only be an abrupt change to her life but would also mean a huge blow financially. But what do you do when your heart is telling you that maybe the path you are on isn’t the right one for you? 


Laura Enever surfs big waves
Would you ‘have a go’?
Photo Matt Dunbar.


I Met Steve and We thought maybe we’ll make a webseries. Then the next minute I was down at Shipterns ‘to watch’ and I ended up catching a wave there and that’s where Undone started.


Laura Enever has always been a multi-faceted surfer involved in all elements of surfing. She was a World Junior Champion, backed up by an incredible career on the Championship Tour for seven years (an incredible achievement). She transcends surfing athlete status as a fashionista influencer (check her Instagram). But all the while Laura has always been this underground big wave charger. It was always in the big swell that she really shined. When the CT finally moved to waves of consequence, Laura scored a perfect 10-point ride on a bomb at Cloudbreak in Fiji. “The bigger it gets, the better she surfs” said the commentator. In her heart, laura always knew this was the case.



Chasing big waves in remote areas is not like booking a flight, rocking up at a surf resort, and waiting for a nice-looking window to surf with a cocktail in hand… It is the opposite to life of the Championship Tour wit set routines, dates, and schedules. There will be no morning coffee, no comfy bed, no hot shower to look forward to. Undone and the remote  localised spots that they surfed in the film were always going to be raw, rugged, and real. This was by no means an easy film to make and for Laura, there were many times she was out of her comfort zone. If there is one thing Laura Enever has in droves it is courage. Always smiling, always ready to give it a nudge, Laura went head-first into the project.


I didn’t know that I was going to do what i’ve done. I didn’t know how far I would take THIS.”


The first-ever time Laura tried tow-in surfing was at Shipsterns in Tasmania (WTF!). She cartwheeled down the face on a MASSIVE wave and came up laughing. Coming up laughing is something that all her peers mention time-and-time again in interviews that make up the Undone book. She got straight back on the horse and gave it another crack. This tenacity and courage earned her the respect of the locals at these gnarly waves, who all watched first-hand as this tiny 50kg something young woman really found her grove and happy place.


So in this new chapter, after making an incredible film “Undone” documenting this journey, what is next for Laura Enever? Laura tells us that following her intuition was what led her to where she is today and with this newfound comfort outside of competitive surfing she is excited to paddle (rather than tow) into more big waves. But the competitor never really leaves you, so if the Big Wave Tour gets restarted she is excited to compete on waves like Jaws, Mavericks, and Nazarre in Portugal. 



The Saturday after Undone was released worldwide on iTunes despite a somewhat dusty head from all the celebrating, Laura couldn’t resist a big swell that arrived on our doorstep. In a beautiful closing to an awe-inspiring chapter, Laura paddled out to the Narrabeen bombie a short stroll from her house and caught this bomb of a party wave with her coach and mentor Sean Woolnough. A good friend and Undone photographer Matt Dunbar caught it on film and all her friends, family, and fans were there to watch and cheer her on. 

Laura, we are in awe of what you have achieved and CAN NOT wait to support you in this next exciting chapter. You are a legend my friend!



Finally Undone the film is live! After 2 years of filming this project, the feature documentary is available on iTunes.


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