Climbing Mountains with Caroline Gleich

This is a podcast as part of the Wild Ideas Worth Living series which we LOVE.


Caroline Gleich is a professional ski mountaineer and activist who decided to use her platform as an athlete for good at the top of Mt. Everest early this summer. Her “Climb for Equality” campaign used her 29,029-foot climb as a platform to encourage more women to take on mountains in the outdoors, the boardroom, and daily life. Caroline’s actual journey to the top is an incredible story.

We absolute love Caroline and everything she does and highly recommends you follow her on Instagram. You will not only learn so much about environmental issues but also more about yourself and society through Caroline’s openness to discuss life as a female athlete and other taboo topics.



Listen to Climbing Mountains with Caroline Gleich if:

  • You have ever wondered why people climb Mt. Everest or have wanted to climb it yourself. 
  • You are curious about how to combine being an athlete with being an activist. 
  • You want to hear about a woman proposing to a man
  • You’re passionate about environmental protection. 
  • You are passionate about gender equality.


Get mp3, show notes, and resources mentioned in the show here: Wild Ideas Worth Living 

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