UK skate sisters – Two shredders from Brighton

Meet skate sisters Ruby (8 years old) and Poppy Dolan (4 years old)

– Guest post by Coral Evans @Salt.images


I’m capturing the photographic stoke for Brighton’s Battle of the Boards.  Around 200 skaters gather on the seafront for ‘friendly’ war. The longboard skills comp is the main event of the day, some impressive talent battling it out in front of compatriots, onlookers and the general public.  Behind the concrete stage is a mini ramp which all competitors have been asked to clear in light of the competition. In muscles, a padded pink little ripper who climbs up, lines up and drops into the mini, regardless. Introducing Poppy Dolan. 4yo.


Standing just behind is Poppy’s double. She’s taller, wearing pads that have taken a few more beatings, and she’s got a slightly wilder look in her eyes.  Introducing sister, Ruby Dolan. 8yo.


Hellooooo Brighton’s Skate Sisters!


Young skater girls from Brighton England
Photo Salt.Images


I photograph women in sport for a living, and so I absolutely had to meet and quiz this awesome sibling force. I caught up Ruby, Poppy and their folks the following Saturday “before ballet’, to allow you to become better acquainted with some of the youngest and feistiest skate talent Brighton has to offer.


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Wow, you guys are truly awesome! When did you both first start skating?

Ruby: About 3 years ago. I love it. It’s a really big part of my life.

Poppy: Before I was born. Daddy did it.


So where do you drag your Dad out to every Saturday! Where do you guys usually skate?


Ruby: The Level in Brighton. Everyone is always so friendly and it’s a fun environment to be in. Also, I skate everywhere we go. I always have my board with me. If we see a skate park, we stop and skate.

Poppy: The Level, I love it.


Young skater girl Ruby Dalton aged 8
Ruby Dolan
Photo Salt.Images


I’m not surprised, but I hear you’re sponsored Ruby?

Ruby: Yes. I’m very lucky to have support from Pig City Skates. They spotted me skating at The Level and asked my Dad if it would be ok to help out. Also have helped me out with socks. Oh, and not to forget Aimee from Bowl Babes who has a great line of t’s that both boys and girls skate in.

Poppy: Can I have a macaroon?  


…at this point I’m aware that in the mind of a 4yo,  I’ve been asking questions for an eternity…


4 year old Poppy Dalton skater girl
Poppy getting some help from dad.
Photo Salt.Images


Sweet. What boards are you riding?

Ruby: Pig City Deck (8”), Indy’s, bones 60mm skatepark formula wheels. I wear 187 killer pads because I don’t want to smash my knees up.

Poppy: My board it’s yellow. Some wheels. Ruby won.


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Ruby Dalton at Brighton skate bowl
Ruby Dolan
Photo Salt.Images


What’s the first thing you head for in the park? What do you like doing best?

Ruby: The bowl!!!! I love big concrete bowls. I like to find new lines and flow. I like to go as fast as possible, and trying out new tricks.

Poppy: The big bowl and the mini-mini


Ruby is obviously a massive influence and inspiration to her little sis, but right now ‘go away Ruby’,  Poppy wants to show me her stuff, which, with the occasion help from Dad (it’s pretty challenging climbing out of a bowl when you’re just over a meter high) is perfectly damn fearless.  


Young skater girl Ruby Dalton aged 8
Ruby Dolan
Photo Salt.Images


Is there a particular trick you’re working on?

Ruby: I want to get my airs higher and work on different grabs. Also, I want super fast 50-50s

Poppy: I love dropping in, bigger and bigger. I want to learn shuvits.



You’re obviously totally stoked to be out here this morning! How does skating make you feel?

Ruby: It makes me feel free, happy, confident, proud. It makes me feel like I can go anywhere in the world.

Poppy: Happy!

4 year old Poppy Dalton skater girl
4 year old Poppy Dolan
Photo Salt.Images


It really shows ladies, awesome stuff.


Tell me, do you have a hero? Who makes you want to skate better/more?

Ruby: Lizzie Armanto for sure. I met her at Rampaffairz skatepark in Belgium. She’s a vert skater and amazing. Also she’s really friendly and wanted to skate with me and encourage me.

Poppy: Everyone.


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You love it, but how would you describe skateboarding to someone who’s never experienced it?

Ruby: I’d probably say it’s one of the best things you could ever try and do. Because it’s like being part of a big weird but fun family.

Poppy: Falling down. Getting up. Fun!


Skate sisters Ruby & Poppy Dalton
Two young sisters to look out for
Photo Salt.Images


What’s it like being girls in a skate park full of boys? Is everyone pretty supportive?

Ruby: Everyone is pretty supportive and kind.

Poppy: I’m a girl. I growed up into a girl.


You did Poppy! You’re the only chicks here!


Would you like to see more girls skating? What advice would you give to other girls keen to start ripping?

Ruby: Yes, I would like to see more girls skating at skateparks. Mainly because it’s so fun that everyone should do it, boy or girl. If I see another girl skating I always ask if they want to skate together. If anyone is thinking of starting, I say if you’re ever thinking of trying to do it, just give it a try because it’s really amazing.

Poppy: I love everyone


Poppy Dalton 4 year old skater
4 years old and owning the ramp at event Battle of the Boards
Photo Salt.Images


You’re just starting out, but what’s your biggest dream?

Ruby: My biggest dream is to travel the world in a camper, with a coffee machine in the back and sell coffee and skate everywhere I see. Even a manky old kerb.

Poppy: Skateboarding. I’m taking it to the nursery. With a card and stickers from the alps.



When you’re not skating, you’re………?

Ruby: At school. But really if I have spare time, I’m skating.

Poppy: This is a pen!





So what’s next for Ruby and Poppy? Any comps/events?

Ruby: We like to do Jams. but skating should firstly be about fun not stuff or winning. But if you win stuff that’s a bonus.  I like to do any event that promotes skating. It’s the BEST. I like the opening Jams at new parks. It’s fun skating new parks. We have PID Jam in Peacehaven soon.

Poppy: I love everyone.


Young skater girl Ruby Dalton aged 8
Ruby getting high on the ramp.
Photo Salt.Images


Hey every cool team has a motto, what’s yours?

Ruby: Teach your parents to skate, and have a skate family.

Poppy: Nanny and grandad and daddy and Poppy and Ruby and mummy.


Loving your work Pops!



I’m so stoked to have met you guys, and I’m really looking forward to following your skate stories. Where can we follow you?


Ruby: @rubydolanskate

Poppy: @poppydolanskate

(Mum and Dad managed accounts)


Skate family Dalton from the UK
What an amazing skate family.
Photo Salt.Images


So, keep your eyes peeled for Ruby’s upcoming skate and coffee camper, and on the future achievements of these two amazing skate sisters. Keep up the stoke ladies, bright things are coming your way.


A huge thanks to girl’s Dad and Mum who obviously play a solid role in supporting and nurturing this fearless young talent.


Written by Coral Evans @Salt.images

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